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  1. What colour are the seats in the House of Commons?
  2. "He really had quite a Machiavellian streak about him" is a quote by Edwina Currie about which politician?

  3. Who served as Member of Parliament for North Devon from 1959 to 1979?
  4. What is the middle name of Angela Merkel?
  5. Which British politician was leader of the Liberal Party for eleven years from 1956 to 1967?
  6. Which British actress and politician became MP for Batley and Spen following a by-election after the murder of Jo Cox?
  7. Theresa May is a member of parliament for which large town?
  8. Which politican's father served as editor of The Times from 1967 to 1981?
  9. In the 2017 election, what was the Conservative Party's main three word slogan?
  10. In which country did Daniel Brelaz became the world's first green member of a national parliament in 1979?
  11. In 1963, in which American city was Robert Kennedy assassinated?
  12. Which politician once worked as a presenter on This Morning?
  13. What is the English translation of 'Sinn Fein'?
  14. Which Eurosceptic political party founded by James Goldsmith was active in the UK, from 1994 to 1997?
  15. Who is Donald Trump's vice president?
  16. Guy Verhofstadt is the European Parliament's representative in the Brexit negotiations, but which country is he a former Prime Minister of?
  17. Mussolini, founder of Italian Fascism, was known as 'Il Duce' - what does 'Il Duce' mean in English?
  18. Which French politician was Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995?
  19. Which English writer and historian was Member of Parliament for Lymington between 1781 and 1784?
  20. What name is the parliamentary group the Conservative Private Members' Committee better known by? (Hint: we need a year!)
  21. Who was member of parliament for Falmouth in Cornwall, from 1992 to 1997?
  22. What term is thought to have first been used by Peter Wilding, in a Euractiv blog post on 15 May 2012?
  23. America's Republican Party is commonly referred to as the GOP - what does the GOP stand for?

  24. Which word, derived from the Greek for few, means a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people?
  25. In 2017, when Theresa May was asked what the naughtiest think she ever did as a child was, what was her answer?
  26. What do the following have in common? The 1994 by election in Eastleigh, Salisbury in 1997, Bexhill and Battle in 2001, South Thanet in 2005 and 2015, Bromley and Chislehurst by election in 2006 and Buckingham in 2010?


  1. Green
  2. John Major
  3. Jeremy Thorpe
  4. Dorothea
  5. Jo Grimond
  6. Tracy Brabin
  7. Maidenhead
  8. Jacob Rees-Mogg
  9. Strong and Stable
  10. Switzerland
  11. Los Angeles (by Sirhan Sirhan)
  12. Anna Soubry
  13. Ourselves
  14. The Referendum Party
  15. Mike Pence
  16. Belgium
  17. The Leader
  18. Jacques Chirac
  19. Edward Gibbon (who wrote The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
  20. 1922 Committee
  21. Sebastian Coe

  22. Brexit
  23. Grand Old Party
  24. Oligarchy
  25. Running through fields of wheat
  26. All the Westminster seats that Nigel Farage has stood for (but failed to gain)

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