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Questions I

  1. How many episodes were made of the sitcom Fawlty Towers?
  2. Male is the capital of which nation composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls?
  3. Which Hollywood actress is the co-founder of the Fabletics fitness brand?

  4. Eric Monkman was one of University Challenge's most memorable and itense contestants - what nationality is he?
  5. What name is given to the series of three wars fought between Carthage and Rome from 264 BC to 146 BC?
  6. Paul O'Grady found fame as which comedic drag queen character?
  7. Which country gained independence from France in 1962?
  8. For the 2017/18 tax year in the UK, what is the tax-free allowance for under-65s?
  9. Which small peninsula crossing the mouth of Poole Harbour is well known for its property prices?
  10. Which ruler founded the Yuan dynasty in China in 1271?
  11. Which West Midland's manufacturer of scholastic stationery also markets the 'The Oxford Set of Mathematical Instruments' in a metal tin?
  12. Which is the only London Underground line to cross the Thames river over a bridge?
  13. Which small deciduous tree native to the UK is also known as the 'sloe'?
  14. Which town in Shropshire held Games in 1850 which are regarded as an inspiration for the modern Olympics?
  15. Which cities were considered the 'Big Four' fashion capitals of the world in the 20th century?


  1. Twelve
  2. Maldives
  3. Kate Hudson
  4. Canadian
  5. The Punic Wars
  6. Lily Savage
  7. Algeria
  8. £11,500
  9. Sandbanks
  10. Kublai Khan
  11. Helix
  12. District line
  13. Blackthorn
  14. Much Wenlock
  15. Paris, Milan, London and New York

Questions II

  1. Which wood is traditionally used to make cricket bats?
  2. Which woodworking hand tool would you use to make indentations in wood in order to ease the insertion of a screw?
  3. What name was given to the large acquisition of land by the United States from France in 1803?
  4. Who asks the quiz questions on The Chase?
  5. Matthew Lasner and Dan Goldstein were thrown off a flight at JFK airport, New York City, in December 2016 for harrassing who?
  6. In the soap of the same name, the fictional Coronation Street was built in 1902 and named in honour of the coronation of which king?
  7. We Will Rock You is a 2012 musical based on whose book?
  8. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club is based in which town?
  9. In which year did apartheid end in South Africa?
  10. Raymond Chandler's the Big Sleep features which private eye?
  11. Which material means 'baked earth' in Latin?
  12. Mendelssohn’s 'concert overture' The Hebrides is also known by which other geographical name?
  13. On what day of the week are United States presidential elections always held?
  14. The Heineken brewing company was founded in 1864 in which European city?
  15. Which cathedral has the world's oldest working clock and the best surviving of the four original copies of Magna Carta?


  1. Willow
  2. Bradawl
  3. Louisiana Purchase
  4. Bradley Walsh
  5. Ivanka Trump
  6. King Edward VII
  7. Ben Elton
  8. St. Andrews
  9. 1994
  10. Philip Marlowe
  11. Terracotta
  12. Fingal's Cave
  13. Tuesdays
  14. Amsterdam
  15. Salisbury Cathedral

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