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  1. Which same (first and last) names are shared by the comedian who challenged Tony Hawks to beat the entire Moldovan football team at tennis and the composer of the instrumental composition 'Dueling Banjos'?

  2. Brisbane is the largest city in which Australian state?
  3. At the end of which century was Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales written?
  4. Which island was ruled from 1530 to 1798, by the Order of Saint John?
  5. Who was British Prime Minister at the time of the death of Queen Victoria?
  6. Which type of literature is judged for The Nebula Awards in the United States?
  7. Which Archbishop of Canterbury presided over the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953?
  8. What name is given to the region of the West Midlands that during the Industrial Revolution produced a high level of air pollution?
  9. In which English county were rocks first studied from the geological period often known as the Age of Fish?
  10. Which riots began in 1780 as an anti-Catholic protest in London, and damaged the reputation of Britian across Europe?
  11. What is the last name of journalist Peter, who has written for The Mail on Sunday and is author of the book The Abolition of Britain?
  12. Used to relieve itchiness, what colour is calamine lotion?
  13. After what time at night is it illegal to use your car horn in a built up area in Britain?
  14. Which 1965 novel by Frank Herbert is set in the distant future in a feudal interstellar society?
  15. What name can be a belt worn over one shoulder that is typically used to carry a weapon or drum, and also the name of a fictional character in a BBC comedy television series?


  1. Arthur Smith
  2. Queensland
  3. 14th (1387-1400)
  4. Malta
  5. The Marquess of Salisbury (Robert Gascoyne-Cecil)
  6. Science Fiction
  7. Geoffrey Fisher
  8. The Black Country
  9. Devon (the period is called the Devonian)
  10. The Gordon Riots
  11. Hitchens
  12. Pink
  13. 11:30 PM
  14. Dune
  15. Baldrick (however the belt is most often spelt without the 'k', i.e. Baldric)


  1. 'The Tyger' is a poem published in 1794 by which English poet?
  2. What day of the week is the American holiday of Thanksgiving celebrated?
  3. Name the best known creation of author Elisabeth Beresford?
  4. By what name do we better know Robyn Fenty?
  5. The ╩╗Iolani Palace' was the royal residence in which city in the United States?
  6. Who first appeared in the short animated film Knock Knock, in November, 1940?
  7. Which queen published the book Prayers or Meditations, which became the first book published by an English queen under her own name?
  8. What is the occupation of Denzil Tulser in the sitcon Only Fools and Horses?
  9. Which 19th Century French-born British painter spent the latter years of his life painting the Manchester Murals?
  10. Which large town on the River Great Ouse is thought be the burial place of Offa of Mercia?
  11. Who was the British Prime Minister during the Gulf War?
  12. Children's entertainer Shari Lewis was best known as the original puppeteer of which sock puppet?
  13. What does the letter 'C' stand for in the American broadcast television network CBS?
  14. Singer Chris de Burgh, poet John Betjeman, Samantha Cameron, and The Duchess of Cambridge all attended which school?
  15. What word comes after Muddy to give the name of a British bicycle manufacturer?


  1. William Blake
  2. Thursday (always the 4th Thursday in November)
  3. The Wombles
  4. Rihana
  5. Honolulu
  6. Woody Woodpecker
  7. Catherine Parr
  8. Lorry driver
  9. Ford Madox Brown
  10. Bedford
  11. John Major (March, 1991)
  12. Lamb Chop
  13. Columbia (Broadcasting System)
  14. Marlborough College
  15. Fox (Muddy Fox)

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