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  1. Which country is the third most populated in the world?
  2. Which peninsula in Wales became Britain's first AONB in 1956?
  3. The Stuart Highway, often referred to simply as "The Track", is a major road in which country?
  4. What word can mean a bad actor or an amateur radio operator?
  5. Which modern day country was known at the beginning of British colonial rule as Ceylon?
  6. What is the American equivalent of the British post code?
  7. Who was the last Queen of France?
  8. What is the more common name for the highly contagious bacterial disease known as pertussis?
  9. What is former footballer Emile Heskey's middle name and also the title of a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott?
  10. Bungalow Bill achieved media fame in the late eighties by dating which actress?
  11. The Rossetta Stone bears three inscriptions, the top and middle texts are in Ancient Egyptian (using hieroglyphics) and Demotic script, in which language is the bottom text?
  12. The name of which fictional fantasist was created in a short story by James Thurber in 1939?
  13. Where did Rosa Klebb hide her poisoned weapons?
  14. Which range of chalk hills extend across the south-eastern coastal counties of England, from Hampshire in the west to Beachy Head, East Sussex, in the east?
  15. Complete the line from Shakespeare's Sonnet 18: " Shall I compare thee to a summer's day, rough winds do shake the ...."? (Hint: Four words are needed)
  16. The Duchess of Sussex and the character played by her in the American legal drama series Suits, both share which same first name?
  17. In the United States, a person must be over what age to be elligible to be President or Vice President?
  18. Which phrase meaning 'come what may' was used as the title of a book by yachtswoman Clare Francis in 1977?
  19. Which European city hosts the highest number of international organizations in the world?
  20. Which 1970s pop group took their name from the English agriculturalist who invented the seed drill?
  21. Can you name the largest lake in the world that is entirely within one country?
  22. The title of which K.J. Alford military march gets its name from a golfing term?
  23. In 2016, two peeks were removed and larger gaps were introduced to reduce the weight while retaining the same package size of what?
  24. The 'V' in the second world war V-2 rockets stood for the German word Vergeltungswaffe, what does this mean in English?
  25. The Gravelly Hill Interchange is better known throughout the UK by what nickname?


  1. USA
  2. Gower Peninsula (AONB: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
  3. Australia
  4. Ham
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. ZIP code (which stands for Zone Improvement Plan)
  7. Marie Antoinette
  8. Whooping cough
  9. Ivanhoe
  10. Joan Collins
  11. Greek (Ancient Greek)
  12. Walter Mitty
  13. In her shoes (a fictional character in the film From Russia With Love that has poison-tipped shoes)
  14. The South Downs
  15. "darling buds of May"
  16. Rachel (Rachel Meghan Markle and the character is Rachel Zane)
  17. 35 years of age
  18. Come hell or high water
  19. Geneva (Switzerland)
  20. Jethro Tull
  21. Lake Michigan
  22. Colonel Bogey
  23. Toblerone chocolate bars
  24. 'Retribution weapon' or 'retalitary weapon'
  25. Spaghetti Junction

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