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  1. Which private investigator and special agent was the star of the BBC's first daily radio series?
  2. The UK Shipping Forecast is broadcast on which radio station?
  3. Who was BBC Radio One's first female presenter?
  4. Rickie, Melvin & Charlie can be listened to at breakfast time on which radio station?

  5. In 'The Goon Show' Spike Milligan would often mutter which word repeatedly during crowd scenes?
  6. Choral Evensong and Composer of the Week feature on which British radio network?
  7. 'I'm rather worried about Jim...' was a catchphrase from the first significant BBC radio serial drama, can you remember it?
  8. Which 1954 radio drama, commissioned by the BBC, featured the inhabitants of the fictional small Welsh fishing village Llareggub? And why is Llareggub a witty name to chose for the village?
  9. The performing-rights organization Broadcast Music, Inc. ranked which song as the most-played on American radio and TV in the 20th century?
  10. Name the pub in the radio soap The Archers?
  11. Desert Island Discs is broadcast on which radio station? And, in keeping with the theme, what name is given to each week's guest?
  12. Which radio station has the slogan Turn up the Feel Good?
  13. Simon Mayo Drivetime is on which national radio station?
  14. Who was the first female host of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show?
  15. What does the abbreviation DAB stand for?
  16. Which radio station is the most popular in the United Kingdom?
  17. In 2006, who took over from Aled Jones to present Classic FM's Sunday Breakfast programme?
  18. What is the name of the Archers' family farm in radio soap The Archers?
  19. In 1978, Terry Wogan recorded a version of which song that describes an annual custom in Helston, Cornwall?
  20. Which episode of an American radio drama became famous for allegedly causing mass panic in 1938?
  21. What would you associate with Bush House, from 1941 to 2012?
  22. Which Peruvian Briton, who also received the Order of Merit of Peru, was a founding memmber of 'The Goon Show'?


  1. Dick Barton
  2. BBC Radio 4
  3. Annie Nightingale
  4. Kiss
  5. Rhubarb
  6. BBC Radio 3
  7. Mrs Dale's Diary
  8. Under Milk Wood (by Dylan Thomas). Llareggub is 'bugger all' backwards!
  9. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
  10. The Bull
  11. BBC Radio 4. Castaway.
  12. Heart
  13. BBC Radio 2
  14. Zoe Ball
  15. Digital audio broadcasting
  16. BBC Radio 2
  17. Myleene Klass
  18. Brookfield
  19. The Floral Dance
  20. War of the Worlds

  21. BBC World Service (headquarters)
  22. Michael Bentine
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