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  1. The expression "well jel" was made famous after its regular use on which British TV show?
  2. What is the name of the fourth and final series of the BBC sitcom Blackadder set during World War I?
  3. Elaine Stritch starred with Donald Sinden in which 1970s ITV sitcom?
  4. What was the name of Hyacinth's son, who only calls when he needs money?
  5. By what nickname would we best know American Beth Chapman's husband?
  6. In which 2018 gameshow, hosted by Dan Walker, do five players use the power of deduction to work out which case contains the top prize?
  7. What's the full name of the character that claimed Mick Carter shot him in Eastenders?
  8. The pilot episode of which American sitcom was filmed in November 1963 and titled "Marooned"?
  9. University Challenge host Jeremy Paxman was the main presenter of which program for 25 years?
  10. The American television sitcom Happy Days, first aired in 1974, is set in which city?
  11. Who is Tyrion's elder sister and the Queen of Westeros?
  12. "90210" is a ZIP code in which city?
  13. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder was an American writer known for which series of children's books?
  14. In 2018, fictional Police Sergeant David Budd was assigned to protect the holder of which political office?
  15. FBI Special agent Dale Cooper was a fictional character and the protagonist of which American television series?
  16. Who were known for tearing around the streets of fictional Bay City, California, under the radio call sign "Zebra Three"?
  17. Name the British dating game show, presented by Anna Richardson, in which a clothed person selects two contestants from six naked people?
  18. Rob Brydon's character Keith Barret first appeared on TV in which comedy series?
  19. Which well known food dish is also the title of an episode of the BBC sitcom Fawlty Towers?
  20. The catchphrase "Ooh! Suit you sir!" is associated with tailors Ken and Kenneth in which TV program?


  1. The Only Way Is Essex
  2. Blackadder Goes Forth
  3. Two's Company
  4. Sheridan (in Keeping Up Appearances)
  5. Dog the Bounty Hunter
  6. Chase the Case
  7. Stuart Highway
  8. Gilligan's Island
  9. Newsnight
  10. Milwaukee
  11. Cersei (in Game of Thrones)
  12. Beverly Hills (as in the American teen drama TV series, Beverly Hills, 90210)
  13. Little House on the Prairie
  14. Home Secretary (in The Bodyguard)
  15. Twin Peaks
  16. Starsky and Hutch
  17. Naked Attraction
  18. Marion and Geoff
  19. Waldorf Salad
  20. The Fast Show

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