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SA Quiz Questions I

  1. South Africa is often referred to as 'what sort of nation' which describes the country's multicultural diversity?

  2. The Palace of the Lost City is a luxurious hotel complex in which luxury resort?
  3. Five countries border South Africa, which four large countries make up these five?
  4. Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain overlooking which city?
  5. President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on which island for 18 years?
  6. What alternative name was often given to the South African Republic from 1852 to 1902?
  7. Which rocky headland in Western Cape is the geographic southern tip of Africa?
  8. The First Boer War was fought from 1880 to 1881 between Britain and the South African Republic; which country was victorious?
  9. South Africa accounts for 80% of the world's production of which precious metal?
  10. Which country is completely surrounded by South Africa?
  11. The Vredefort Dome was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005; what exactly is it?
  12. Which township, in the city of Johannesburg, did both Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela once live on the same street?
  13. Which writer was the first to be awarded the Booker Prize twice?
  14. Durban, the busiest port in South Africa, is on which ocean?
  15. The Zulu people formed a powerful state in 1818 under which monarch?


  1. Rainbow Nation

  2. Sun City
  3. Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe and Mozambique
  4. Cape Town
  5. Robben Island
  6. The Transvaal
  7. Cape Agulhas
  8. The South African Republic defeated the British
  9. Platinum
  10. Lesotho (note: the capital and largest city of Lesotho is Maseru)
  11. The oldest and largest verified meteor crater in the world
  12. Soweto
  13. J. M. Coetzee
  14. Indian Ocean
  15. Shaka

Did you know that South Africa is the only country in the world to have hosted the Football, Rugby and Cricket World Cups?

SA Quiz II

  1. Pretoria is popularly known as The Jacaranda City, what is a jacaranda?
  2. The Kruger National Park contains the 'Big 5' of wild animals; which five animals make up this 'Big 5'?
  3. South African actress Charlize Theron won the Academy Award for Best Actress for playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos in which 2003 film?
  4. Name the largest city in South Africa? And in which province, meaning 'place of gold', is this city?
  5. Which South African won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984?
  6. Name the longest river in South Africa?
  7. Which six letter word is slang for an inhabitant or native of South Africa?
  8. Who was the leader of South Africa from 1978 to 1989?
  9. Which city is the judicial capital of South Africa and the capital city of the province of Free State?
  10. Who was re-elected in 2014 as the President of South Africa?
  11. What did Louis Washkansky receive in Cape Town on the 3rd December, 1967?
  12. Which South African anti-apartheid politician served as President of the ANC from 1967 to 1991?
  13. Which seasonal waterfall in the Royal Natal National Park is generally accepted as the world's second-tallest?
  14. What is the two letter country internet domain code for South Africa?
  15. The Siege of Mafeking (1899-1900) turned which British commander into a national hero?
  16. What was the original historical name for the 'Cape of Good Hope'?


  1. It's a tree (planted in great numbers in Pretoria's strees and parks)

  2. Lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos
  3. Monster
  4. Johannesburg. Gauteng.
  5. Desmond Tutu
  6. The Orange River
  7. Saffer
  8. P.W. Botha
  9. Bloemfontein
  10. Jacob Zuma
  11. A new heart (in an operation peformed by Christiaan Barnard at the Groote Schuur Hospital)
  12. Oliver Tambo
  13. Tugela Falls
  14. (dot)ZA
  15. Colonel Robert Baden-Powell (who is best known today for founding the Boy Scouts in 1908)
  16. Cape of Storms

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