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Seaside Quiz I

  1. Which famous seaside resort is actually at the mouth of the Humber?
  2. The Mumbles is a headland south of which city?

  3. Which resort is known for its surf beaches and seafront Tate gallery?
  4. Which small village, five miles south of Whitby and 15 miles north of Scarborough, is famous for the large amount of fossils found on its beach?
  5. Who officially opened the first Butlin's holiday camp in Skegness in 1936?
  6. Celebrity chef Rick Stein is well known for owning four restaurants in which Cornish port?
  7. Which tourist destination with its Blue Flag shingle beach is notable for having been the home of composer Benjamin Britten?
  8. Which resort is widely regarded as the surf capital of the UK?
  9. Quadrophenia is a 1979 British film, featuring a huge brawl between Mods and Rockers, in which seaside town?
  10. True or false. Nowhere in the UK is more than 125 miles from the sea?
  11. The Nelson's Monument, a commemorative column built in memorial to Admiral Nelson, is in which British seaside town?
  12. How did Brighton make a little bit of seaside history on April Fool's Day 1980?
  13. The largest hotel in Europe was opened in which resort town in 1867?
  14. How many piers are there in Blackpool?
  15. Which town on the Isle of Man has a sandy beach bordered on one side by a now closed 600m victorian pier called 'The Queen's Pier'?


  1. Cleethorpes
  2. Swansea

  3. St. Ives
  4. Robin Hood's Bay
  5. Amy Johnson
  6. Padstow
  7. Aldeburgh
  8. Newquay
  9. Brighton
  10. False. It's 75 miles.
  11. Great Yarmouth
  12. It opened the UK's first naturist beach
  13. Scarborough
  14. Three
  15. Ramsey

Seaside Questions II

  1. The opening scenes of which film were taken at West Sands, St Andrews?
  2. The motto 'Gem of the Norfolk Coast' is highlighted on which town's road signs?

  3. Which town is known as 'The Queen of the Welsh Resorts'?
  4. In August 2015, the artist Banksy opened the temporary art installation ‘Dismaland’ at the Tropicana in which seaside town?
  5. Which pier was built as a ferry port for rail passengers to South Wales and was described by Sir John Betjeman as ‘the most beautiful pier in England’?
  6. For which famous holiday camp company did TV personalities Brian Conley, Shane Richie and Bradley Walsh once work?
  7. Which town, between 1956 and 1989, was the home of the Miss Great Britain beauty contest?
  8. Which town is the largest holiday resort on the Yorkshire coast?
  9. At 1.34 miles, where is the longest pleasure pier in the UK?
  10. In which seaside town is Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein buried?
  11. Which beach near Rye in East Sussex is the only sand dune system in the local area?
  12. Which resort's Victorian pier was largely destroyed by a storm in 1978 and these days the Thanet Offshore Wind Project can be seen from its seafront?
  13. Which Welsh town was the location of the 1973 film Holiday on the Buses and is also where Jim and Barb celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in The Royle Family 2009 Christmas special?
  14. During the 1950s some of Donald McGill's work was banned, but what was he responsible for?
  15. Which resorts Grand Pier has been damaged by fire twice, in 1930 and 2008?


  1. Chariots of Fire
  2. Cromer
  3. Llandudno
  4. Weston-super-Mare
  5. Clevedon Pier
  6. Pontins
  7. Morecambe
  8. Scarborough
  9. Southend
  10. Bournemouth
  11. Camber Sands
  12. Margate
  13. Prestatyn
  14. The saucy seaside postcard (he was a graphic artist)
  15. Weston-super-Mare

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