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Quiz I

  1. What nickname was given to the Shinkansen high-speed trains of Japan because of their appearance and speed?
  2. The BBC documentary Great British Railway Journeys often refers to an 1840's copy of which guide? And who presents the series?

  3. The Brick Train is a brick sculpture located on the outskirts of which town? It was created by David Mach in 1997 to celebrate the town's railway heritage.
  4. Can you name the busiest railway stations in the following cities: (a) Bristol, (b) Edinburgh, (c) London, and (d) Birmingham?
  5. Which two cities did the original Orient Express run between?
  6. The UK's longest direct rail service runs between which two locations?
  7. In 1830, which locomotive built by George Stephenson became the first ever commercial train and reached a then record speed of 30 mph?
  8. The Red Arrow is a famous overnight sleeper train in which country? And can you tell us the two cities it connects?
  9. Opened in 2001, name the highest railway in the United Kingdom?
  10. Track 61 is a private railway platform underneath which New York building, linking it to Grand Central Station?
  11. Which train officially became the first steam locomotive to reach 100 miles per hour in 1934?
  12. The short story The Signal Man was partly derived from whose personal experiences of the 1865 Staplehurst rail crash?
  13. In which James Bond film does much of the action takes place on the Orient Express?
  14. The Trans-Siberian Express, starts in Moscow and finishes six days later in which city?


  1. Bullet trains
  2. The Bradshaw Guide. Presented by Michael Portillo.
  3. Darlington
  4. (a) Temple Meads, (b) Waverley, (c) Waterloo, and (d) New Street
  5. Paris and Istanbul (originally called Constantinople)
  6. Aberdeen and Penzance
  7. Rocket
  8. Russia. Moscow and Saint Petersburg.
  9. The Cairngorm Mountain Railway
  10. Waldorf Astoria Hotel
  11. The Flying Scotsman
  12. Charles Dickens
  13. From Russia, with Love
  14. Vladivostok

Train Quiz Trivia: The term gricer is somtimes used in the UK to describe a trainspotter or railway enthusiast. Celeb railway enthusiasts include Rod Stewart, Tim Benners-Lee, Pete Waterman and Michael Palin. Whilst on tour Rod Stewart often books a second hotel room so he can set is model train set up.

Quiz II

  1. Which UK railway station is the busiest outside London?
  2. Which railway company was founded in Bristol in 1833 and appointed Isambard Kingdom Brunel as chief engineer?
  3. Luas is a tram and light rail system in which European city?
  4. What is the standard gauge of railways in Great Britain?
  5. The National Railway Museum is in which city?
  6. Which locomotive broke the world speed record for steam locomotives at 126 mph on 3 July 1938?
  7. Give the brand name of British Rail's diesel-powered High Speed Train fleet from 1975 to 1982?
  8. The train involved in the 1963 Great Train Robbery was travelling from which city? And in which county was it stopped by the robbers?
  9. What's the acronym of France's intercity high-speed rail service?
  10. What was the name of the report in the early 1960s that reshaped the British railways?
  11. The Night Riviera sleeper train, one of only two sleeper services in the UK, runs six nights a week between London and which town?
  12. Which station is the London terminus for Eurostar?
  13. In which rock musical does a child’s train set magically comes to life with engines competing to become the 'Fastest Engine in the World'?
  14. What's the iconic name of the famous sleeping cars built and operated on most American railways from 1867 to 1968?
  15. Which station is the starting point for Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express? And what's the number of the secret Platform between platforms 9 and 10?


  1. Birmingham New Street
  2. Great Western Railway
  3. Dublin
  4. 4 feet 8 1⁄2 inches (also accept 4 feet 8 inches)
  5. York

  6. Mallard
  7. InterCity 125
  8. Glasgow. Buckinghamshire.
  9. TGV
  10. The Beeching Report
  11. Penzance
  12. St Pancras International
  13. Starlight Express
  14. Pullman
  15. King's Cross. Platfrom 9 3/4.

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