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Pub Trivia I

  1. As of March 2015, which professional networking website reported more than 364 million acquired users?
  2. Who invented the reflective road stud or 'cat's eye' in 1934?

  3. Who designed the cenotaph in Whitehall, London?
  4. Which British aircraft manufacturer produced the Spitfire?
  5. Which street runs between Piccadilly and Oxford Street in the West End of London?
  6. Name the most populated city in Brazil?
  7. Who hosted This is Your Life after the death of Eamonn Andrews?
  8. Singer Louisa Rose Allen is better known by what stage name?
  9. Which ornithologist and conservationist first became famous as one of The Goodies?
  10. In Roman Times, what was a Gladius?
  11. Which London suburb was mentioned in the Madness dong 'Driving in My Car' and was the home suburb of BBC TV's Porridge character, Norman Stanley Fletcher?
  12. Which American singer died in Paris in July 1971?
  13. Can you name the Collie dog renowned for finding the stolen football world cup in 1966?
  14. Name the most widely spoken constructed language in the world?


  1. LinkedIn
  2. Percy Shaw
  3. Sir Edwin Lutyens
  4. Supermarine
  5. Bond Street
  6. Sao Paulo
  7. Michael Aspel
  8. Foxes
  9. Bill Oddie
  10. A sword
  11. Muswell Hill
  12. Jim Morrison
  13. Pickles
  14. Esperanto

Pub Trivia II

  1. On a computer keyboard what letter is directly to the right of 'Y'?
  2. Actor Robert Redford named which film festival after a Wild West outlaw?
  3. Who owns the television production company called Harpo?
  4. What letter is represented in Morse code by a single dot?
  5. The 'Duchy of Cornwall' is one of two royal duchies in England, can you name the other?
  6. In which American state is Yale University?
  7. Which trivia quiz game show run from 1971 to 1984 and was hosted by Nicholas Parsons?
  8. In the quiz show 'Deal or No Deal' how many sealed boxes are there?
  9. In pop music, whose 1986 album was entitled Graceland?
  10. In DIY, anaglypta and vymura are both types of what?
  11. Which TV presenter set up the charity Childline in 1986?
  12. A horse is measured in hands. How many inches are in a hand?
  13. What is the English name for the Cote d'Azur?
  14. What type of bond is a pattern of bricks in a wall in which each course consists of alternate headers and stretchers?


  1. U
  2. The Sundance Film Festival
  3. Oprah Winfrey
  4. E
  5. Duchy of Lancaster
  6. Connecticut
  7. Sale of the Century
  8. 22
  9. Paul Simon
  10. Wallpaper
  11. Esther Rantzen
  12. Four
  13. The French Riveria
  14. Flemish bond

Pub Trivia III

  1. Clint Eastwood was mayor of which Californian town?
  2. In nature, cocksfoot and Yorkshire fog are types of which plant?
  3. In fashion, what kind of garment is a baldric?
  4. Which English county would you most associate with TV chef Rick Stein?
  5. Which African city means 'victorious' in Arabic?
  6. In the UK we get water from a tap but what do they call a tap in the US?
  7. Who directed the film Psycho?
  8. Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to do what in 1926?
  9. Which king married Caroline of Anspach?
  10. What does the 'E' stand for in the equation 'E' equals 'M' 'C' squared?
  11. Which state borders California to the north?
  12. George Melly was associated with what type of music?
  13. In verse, how many stresses are there in a pentameter?
  14. Dame Trott traditionally appears in which pantomime?
  15. What code word in the phonetic alphabet is also the name of a capital city?
  16. Who released an an autobiography titled Voice of an Angel at 14?


  1. Carmel
  2. Grasses
  3. Belt (or sash)
  4. Cornwall
  5. Cairo
  6. Faucet
  7. Alfred Hitchcock
  8. Swim the Channel
  9. George II
  10. Energy
  11. Oregon
  12. Jazz
  13. Five
  14. Jack and the Beanstalk
  15. Lima
  16. Charlotte Church

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