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Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Trivia Questions

  1. In 2009, on which river did Chesley Sullenberger land US Airways Flight 1549?
  2. With which trivia quiz TV series would you associate Barry Simmons, Dave Rainford and Beth Webster?

  3. Which familiar sight on the streets of the UK was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott?
  4. Which city, sometimes nicknamed the Great Border City, does the River Eden flow through on its way to the Solway Firth?
  5. Actor Alec Baldwin first gained recognition appearing on which American television drama?
  6. Which building, on the banks of the River Thames, features on the the cover of Pink Floyd's 1977 album Animals and also appears in the Beatles' film Help!?
  7. The Reign of Terror is the label given by many historians to which period or event in history?
  8. In what sort of corner would you find Susie Dent?
  9. In food and drink, what are silvaner, tempranillo, and nebbiolo?
  10. Mendip is a local government district of which English county?
  11. In which Korean martial art did Jade Jones win consecutive gold medals in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics?
  12. What name is given to a poem that laments the death of a person, or one that is simply thoughtful and sad?
  13. The Great Leap Forward was an economic and social campaign in which country?
  14. Where would you most commonly see a doubly slipped reef knot?
  15. Which city's cathedral has had two queens buried beneath its paving: Katherine of Aragon and Mary, Queen of Scots?


  1. The Hudson River
  2. Eggheads
  3. Red Telephone Box
  4. Carlisle
  5. Knots Landing
  6. Battersea Power Station
  7. The French Revolution
  8. Dictionary Corner (on television's Countdown)
  9. Types of Grape
  10. Somerset
  11. Taekwondo
  12. Elegy
  13. China
  14. On a pair of shoes or trainers
  15. Peterborough Cathedral (the remains of Mary were removed to Westminster Abbey by James I)

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