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Trivia Questions I

  1. Which river, the fifth-longest in the UK, flows through Symonds Yat and Monmouth?
  2. Which town was the seat of Owain Glyndwr's Welsh Parliament in 1404?

  3. Which Welsh actor won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1959?
  4. What in Wales is sometimes known as "Peter's leek"?
  5. Name the highest peak in South Wales?
  6. The Welsh corgi has two distinct breeds, one is the Pembroke Welsh corgi, can you name the other?
  7. In which Welsh county would you find the towns of Brecon and Welshpool?
  8. Which Welsh politician was Minister for Health in the post-war government from 1945 to 1951?
  9. The Great Orme is a prominent limestone headland next to which town?
  10. What sponsorship name was given to the Millennium Stadium in 2016?
  11. In which city did the death of Dylan Thomas occur in 1953?
  12. Where in Wales became the first area in the UK to be designated an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'?
  13. Which Welsh castle witnessed the investiture of Prince Charles in 1969?
  14. Which mathematical sign did the Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde invent?
  15. Can you name the stadium that is home to Swansea City football club?
  16. Name the 19th-century Gothic Revival sandstone castle built above the village of Tongwynlais, near Cardiff?
  17. Welsh fashion designer Julien Macdonald was born and bred in which Welsh town?
  18. Which vegetable was often known as jibbons in South Wales dialect?
  19. The Snowdon Mountain Railway travels for 4.7 miles to the summit of Snowdon from which Welsh village?
  20. St Giles' Church, described as "the glory of the Marches" and at 180-feet long the largest medieval Parish Church in Wales, is in which town?


  1. River Wye
  2. Machynlleth
  3. Hugh Griffith (in Ben-Hur)
  4. Daffodil
  5. Pen y Fan
  6. Cardigan Welsh corgi
  7. Powys
  8. Aneurin (Nye) Bevan
  9. Llandudno
  10. The Principality Stadium (from 22 January 2016)
  11. New York
  12. Gower
  13. Caernarfon Castle
  14. The equals sign
  15. Liberty Stadium
  16. Castell Coch
  17. Merthyr Tydfil
  18. Spring Onions
  19. Lanberis
  20. Wrexham

And just for fun, can you 'work out' the following Welsh town names from the cryptic clues?
For example, 'combine aquatic animal with one who watches' would be Fishguard.

Cryptic Quiz - Welsh Towns

  1. Add a Roman X before the flying insect?
  2. Calligraphy with a 'h'?
  3. Farm noise heard before Pacific city?
  4. Scandinavian group combines with Mr. science fiction comic hero?
  5. Livestock with partner playing card game?
  6. Colonel owning a popular sport without the ball?
  7. Child with just one item of winter footwear?
  8. Religious loaf?
  9. Before midday for a bloke and his car?
  10. An electric light shares a letter with an apostle?


  1. Tenby (Roman numeral X=10, and bee)
  2. Penarth (Pen art, and 'h')
  3. Bala (Ba, and LA)
  4. Aberdare (ABBA and Dan Dare)
  5. Cowbridge (Cow, and bridge is card came played with a partner)
  6. Saundersfoot (Colonel Sanders (KFC), and Foot(ball))
  7. Kidwelly
  8. Holyhead (Holy, and cockney rhyming slang 'loaf of bread' = head)
  9. Ammanford (AM, man, and Ford)
  10. Lampeter (Lamp, and Peter)

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