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Whose the Youngest Quiz

Quiz I

  1. Who was the youngest member of the Beatles?

  2. Name the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner American reality TV family?
  3. Who was the youngest member of the Walton family in the TV programme The Waltons?
  4. As of 2019, who is the youngest person to win the Nobel Prize in Literature?
  5. Name the youngest actor to play James Bond?
  6. As of 2019, name the youngest man to win the Wimbledon single's men's final?
  7. What was the name of the youngest of the Marx Brothers?
  8. Name the youngest British Prime Minister of the last 100 years?
  9. Lina Medina of Peru became the youngest confirmed mother in history in 1939, how old was she when she gave birth to a baby boy: (a)5 years old, (b)7 years old, or (c)9 years old?
  10. Who the youngest cast member of the Friends cast?
  11. Who was the youngest American president ever?
  12. As of 2019, which of the United Kingdom's national parks is the youngest?
  13. Name the youngest child and daughter of Marge and Homer Simpson?
  14. Robert Baden-Powell was the first Chief Scout, but who was appointed the youngest-ever Chief Scout in July 2009?
  15. On 30 May 2006, who became England's youngest ever senior football international?
  16. Can you name the youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama?
  17. Which landlocked African country became the world's youngest country in 2011?
  18. Which country has the biggest population of children under the age of 14?
  19. As of 2019, can you name the youngest Chaser out of the five chasers on the ITV game show The Chase?
  20. Can you give the full name of the youngest platoon member of Dad's Army?
  21. Charlie Duke was the youngest person to do what?
  22. Which brother is the younger of the tennis brothers Jamie and Andy Murray?


  1. George Harrison
  2. Kylie Jenner
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Rudyard Kipling (age 41)
  5. George Lazenby (age 30 when starring in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
  6. Boris Becker (17)
  7. Zeppo
  8. David Cameron (43)
  9. (a)5 years old
  10. Matthew Perry

  11. Theodore Roosevelt (42 years, 322 days)
  12. The South Downs (in the south-east of England)
  13. Maggie Simpson
  14. Bear Grylls (Edward Michael Grylls)
  15. Theo Walcott
  16. Sasha (or Natasha)
  17. South Sudan (capital city: Juba)
  18. India (China comes second)
  19. Jenny Ryan
  20. Private Frank Pike (played by Ian Lavender)
  21. Walk on the moon (aged 36 years and 201 days)
  22. Andy Murray is younger