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Trivia I

  1. In pub culture, what is a 'blue beer token'?
  2. Which river in Picardy, France, comes from a Celtic word meaning 'tranquility'?
  3. What does an 'ailurophile' like or love?
  4. Which animal derives its name from the Greek word that literally means 'shadow tail'?
  5. What does 'ephemeral' mean?
  6. Which two word phrase means an appropriate time of day to start to drink wine?

  7. What recent new word means ‘bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger’?
  8. What name starting with the letter 'a' is given to the body position in which the hands are on the hips with the elbows bowed outward?
  9. What name is given to the groove between your nose and middle of the lips?
  10. If you have 'dysania', what do you find it difficult to do in the mornings?
  11. On what handyman's tool would you find a part called a 'peen'?
  12. In the English language, which is the most common letter for a word to start with?
  13. What is the name given to the white trails seen in the sky behind aircraft exhausts?
  14. Can you name the only word with five consecutive vowels?
  15. What term refers to words which make different words when read backwards, e.g. stressed becomes desserts if read backwards?


  1. A five pound note
  2. The Somme
  3. Cats
  4. Squirrel
  5. Short lived or for a short time
  6. Wine o'clock
  7. Hangry
  8. Akimbo
  9. Philtrum
  10. Get out of bed
  11. Hammer (the side opposite the striking side)
  12. 's'
  13. Contrails
  14. Queueing
  15. Semordnilap (which is in itself palindromes read backwards)

Word Trivia II

  1. Which word has been used to refer to a machine since 1869 and to an electronic device since 1946?
  2. In Arabic, what is the meaning of the word 'Islam'?
  3. The term 'brogue' generally refers to an accent from which country?
  4. A small minority of the Isle of Man's population is fluent in which language, important to the island's heritage?
  5. Which word derived from the Greek words meaning 'equal' and 'letter', means a word with no repeating letters?
  6. Which constructed language translates as 'one who hopes'?
  7. Olfaction and macrosmatic are both words relating to what sense?
  8. What new word means to dance to modern music with thrusting hip movements and in a sexually provocative manner?
  9. From which language do we get the words 'embarrass' and 'vindaloo'?
  10. What would you put in a Brannock device?
  11. What word meaning 'treating serious issues with inappropriate humour' has all 5 vowles in order?
  12. In Northern Ireland the word 'oxtercog' means picking a person up by which method? And what does Welsh word 'heddlu' mean - often seen out-and-about in Wales?


  1. Computer
  2. Submission or surrender
  3. Ireland
  4. Manx

  5. Isogram
  6. Esperanto
  7. Smell
  8. Twerking
  9. Portuguese (yes, vindaloo is originally a Portuguese word)
  10. Your foot - it's the device used in shoe shops to measure feet sizes
  11. Facetious
  12. (a)Picking someone up by the armpits, and (b)police

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