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Quiz I

  1. Why are the Dartmouth, Beaver and Eleanor historically famous?
  2. Who were the kings of England during the following events in history: (a)the Great Fire of London, (b)the Peasants' Revolt, and (c)the American Revolution?
  3. George Washington crossed which icy river on the night of Christmas Day in 1776 to set up a surprise attack?
  4. Which country fought against the Triple Alliance of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay in South American from 1864 to 1870?

  5. Which northern Chinese peasant movement attacked and killed foreign nationals, missionaries and Chinese Christians in 1899?
  6. Give the dates of the following battles: (a)Bannockburn, (b)Crecy, (c)Little Bighorn, and (d)Culloden?
  7. The Bolsheviks were a revolutionary Marxist group led by Lenin, what does the world 'bolsheviks' mean in English?
  8. Christopher Columbus was born in which, at the time, independent state?
  9. Which battle fought in foggy conditions during the Crimean War has been given the name 'The Soldier's Battle'?
  10. Who was the most famous person killed during the Battle of Mactan in the Philippines in 1521?
  11. Robert Curthose was the eldest son of which English king?
  12. Which king of France was known as the Sun King?


  1. Names of the ships at the Boston Tea Party
  2. (a)Charles II, (b)Richard II, and (c)George III
  3. Delaware River
  4. Paraguay (known as The Paraguayan War or War of the Triple Alliance)
  5. The Boxers
  6. (a)1314, (b)1346, (c)1876, and (d)1746
  7. Majority
  8. The Republic of Genoa (circa 1451)
  9. Battle of Inkerman
  10. Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan
  11. William I (William the Conqueror)
  12. Louis XIV (14th)

Quiz II

  1. Who was and the first Vice President of the United States of America?
  2. Who was the most famous person to be born on 14 March 1879, in Ulm, in the Kingdom of W├╝rttemberg, Germany?
  3. English gentleman and businessman Ingram Frizer of the late 16th and early 17th centuries is the alleged killer of who?
  4. Which conflict fought between Britain and the U.S.A. do British historians often see as a minor theatre of the Napoleonic Wars?
  5. Who tutored Alexander the Great?
  6. What name was used for the military dictator of Japan from 1185 to 1868?
  7. What name was given to a series of conflicts waged from 1337 to 1453 between England and France?
  8. The Falkalnds War was in which year?
  9. What name was given to the 18th century German auxiliaries contracted for military service by the British in the American Revolutionary War?
  10. Who was often called the 'Father of Europe' because he united most of Western Europe for the first time since the Romans?
  11. Who wrote Historie of the World, a book about the ancient history of Greece and Rome, whilst in prison?
  12. What was 18th century German Immanuel Kant considered a central figure in: (a)Philosophy, (b)Theatre, (c)Mathematics, or (d)Medicine?
  13. The Reign of Terror is the name given by many historians to which period or event?
  14. Who was married to both of Henry VII's sons?


  1. John Adams

  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Christopher Marlowe (Elizabethan playwright and poet)
  4. War of 1812
  5. Aristotle
  6. Shogun
  7. Hundred Year's War
  8. 1982
  9. The Hessians
  10. Charlemagne (or Charles the Great)
  11. Sir Walter Raleigh
  12. Philosophy
  13. The French Revolution
  14. Catherine of Aragon (first wife of Henry VIII and previously married to Henry's elder brother Arthur)

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