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Bible Quiz

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Biblical Questions and Answers

Quiz I

  1. What is the last word in the Old Testament?
  2. By which previous name was Paul of Tarsus known as?
  3. Whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back?
  4. In the bible, who is said to have lived on a diet of locusts and wild honey?
  5. How many years did Noah live for after the flood?
  6. There are only three angels named in the bible, Michael and Lucifer are two, name the other?
  7. The book of Esther is unique because it does not mention which word?

  8. The Bible was written in three languages - Hebrew, Koine Greek and which other language?
  9. Who made the first translation of the Bible into English in 1382?
  10. Name the longest book of the Bible with 150 chapters?
  11. In what city was Jesus born?
  12. Who took the place of Judas in the twelve disciples?
  13. Who was the older brother of Moses?
  14. What kind of wood was Noah's ark built from?
  15. Who, following Moses' death, became the leader of the children of Israel?


  1. Curse
  2. Saul
  3. Lot's
  4. John the Baptist
  5. 350 years
  6. Gabriel
  7. The word 'God'
  8. Aramaic
  9. John Wycliffe
  10. Psalms
  11. Bethlehem
  12. Matthias
  13. Aaron
  14. Gopher wood
  15. Joshua

Bible Quiz II

  1. Melchizedek was king of which city?
  2. Who wrote the 23rd Psalms?
  3. In which book of he bible is the parting of the Red Sea?
  4. What did King Solomon ask God to give him?
  5. Whose weapons were 'trumpets, pitchers and lamps' when he fought the Midianites?
  6. What are the first three words in the book of Genesis?
  7. What was Simon of Cyrene compelled to do by the Romans?
  8. Which is the last book in the Bible?
  9. Adam and Eve had three children, two were Cain and Abel, name the third?
  10. John the Baptist baptized Jesus in which river?
  11. Where did Jesus perform his first public miracle?
  12. What is also known as the Decalogue?
  13. Can you name the Hebrew mother of Moses?
  14. Which book is the third book of the Hebrew Bible?
  15. Who asked for the head of John the Baptist?


  1. Salem
  2. David
  3. Exodus
  4. Wisdom
  5. Gideon
  6. In the beginning
  7. Carry the cross of Jesus
  8. Revelation
  9. Seth
  10. River Jordan
  11. Cana
  12. The Ten Commandments
  13. Jochebed
  14. Leviticus
  15. Salome