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Quiz I

  1. Which comedian first hosted the British stand-up comedy series Live at the Apollo?
  2. Which Channel 4 sitcom, first aired in 2010, starred Rafe Spall as a budding sports journalist in London?

  3. Who is Michael Joseph Pennington known professionally as?
  4. In which Welsh town is there a statue of Tommy Cooper overlooking its castle?
  5. Which comedian sang in the 1980s British new wave group 'Seona Dancing'? The band was not successful, however their single "More to Lose" went on to become a teen anthem in the Philippines.
  6. Mike Reid, Duggie Brown, Stan Boardman, Roy Walker and Mick Miller were some of the original stars of which British television show of the 1970s?
  7. Which British actor and comedian was born Solomon Joel Cohen in South Africa in 1913?
  8. How many Marx brothers were there? And can you name them?
  9. The British sitcom Porridge was set in which fictional prison in Cumberland?
  10. Which song is widely regarded as Bob Hope's signature tune?
  11. Who played Julius Caesar in Carry on Cleo and Thomas Cromwell in Carry on Henry?
  12. Which BBC Radio 4 comedy and television panel game, first transmitted on 22 December 1967, is hosted by Nicholas Parsons?
  13. Who was awarded a 1953 BAFTA Award for Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles following his film Trouble in Store?
  14. In March 2010, which comedian's widow unveiled a statue of him in his home town of Morley, West Yorkshire?
  15. Which American sitcom is about the Heck family from Indiana?
  16. Which actor and comedian gained fame in a double act with singer Dean Martin?
  17. And Now for Something Completely Different is a comedy film based on which television comedy series?
  18. In December 2013, Sarah Millican married which fellow stand-up comic?
  19. Which character did Rob Brydon play in the BBC comedy series Marion and Geoff?
  20. Frankie Boyle first gained recognition as a permanent panellist on which comedy panel show?


  1. Jack Dee (the series was formerly titled 'Jack Dee Live at the Apollo')
  2. Pete Versus Life
  3. Johnny Vegas
  4. Caerphilly (his birthplace)
  5. Ricky Gervais
  6. The Comedians
  7. Sid James
  8. Five. Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, and Zeppo.

  9. HMP Slade
  10. Thanks for the Memory
  11. Kenneth Williams
  12. Just a Minute
  13. Norman Wisdom
  14. Ernie Wise
  15. The Middle
  16. Jerry Lewis
  17. Monty Python's Flying Circus
  18. Gary Delaney
  19. Keith Barret
  20. Mock the Week

Quiz II

  1. According to Peter Kay in Phoenix Nights which food item was the future? And name the nightclub owner Peter Kay played in this comedy series?
  2. Which Chaser is also an award winning stand-up comedian?
  3. Christopher Graham Collins took what stage name (from a member of his father's dominoes team) when the name Chris Collins was already taken by the actors' union Equity?
  4. In which country was Sandi Toksvig born?
  5. Thomas Henry Sargent, also known as 'The Cheeky Chappie', was better known by what stage name?
  6. Which comedian had the best-selling British single of 1965?
  7. What is the best known nickname of Billy Connolly?
  8. Which UK panel show has the openning theme song 'News of the World' by The Jam?
  9. Which actress and comedian guest-starred in the American sitcoms Friends and Roseanne, and voiced the evil Fairy Godmother in the animated film Shrek 2?
  10. In Only Fools and Horses which of Rodney's friends always wore a Trilby hat?
  11. Andy Millman and Maggie Jacobs are the main characters in which sitcom?
  12. Can you give the first name of the long-suffering sidekick and 'bridesmaid' of Dame Edna Everage?
  13. In 2009, which stand-up comedian ran 43 marathons in 52 days to raise money for Sport Relief?
  14. David Mitchell played Mark Corrigan in which sitcom?
  15. Which controversial comedian was also widely known for portraying Latka Gravas in the American sitcom Taxi?
  16. Who hosts the comedy television show Modern Life is Goodish?
  17. Which popular British music hall comedian was best known as a double act with Chesney Allen?
  18. "Don't panic!" and "Permission to Speak, Sir!" are two of Lance-Corporal Jones's most famous catchphrases, can you name an equally well known third?


  1. Garlic Bread (from the line "Garlic bread, it's the future, I've tasted it"). Brian Potter.
  2. Paul Shina (from the TV game show The Chase)
  3. Frank Skinner
  4. Denmark
  5. Max Miller
  6. Ken Dodd (Tears)
  7. The Big Yin

  8. Mock the Week
  9. Jennifer Saunders
  10. Mickey Pearce
  11. Extras
  12. Madge (Allsop)
  13. Eddie Izzard
  14. Peep Show
  15. Andy Kaufman
  16. Dave Gorman
  17. Bud Flanagan
  18. "They don't like it up 'em!"

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