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Darts Terms

Welcome to our Darts Terms Quiz! This quiz will test your knowledge of common darts terminology and slang. See how many terms you know and learn some new ones along the way!


  1. What name is given to the line a player stands behind to throw their darts?
  2. The term 'madhouse' refers to what segment of the dart board?
  3. The 'Alan Evans' shot is hitting three what in one turn?
  4. In darts, when one dart gets stuck in another dart's flight, it is known by the name of which legendary character?
  5. What is the name of the part of a dart behind the barrel where the flights are mounted?
  6. Hitting a single, double, and triple of the same number on one turn is named after which Asian city?
  7. The Bag O' Nuts is getting a total of how many points for a throw?
  8. Each segment and the bullseye is divided into different regions or segments called what?
  9. Egg and Chips is getting a score of how many pints with three darts?
  10. The term "big fish" is achieving a checkout requiring what score?
  11. What name is commonly given to a mental state of a dart thrower being unable to release his/her dart during a throw?
  12. In darts, a player does what when they score more than the remaining points needed to win the game?
  13. What popular darts game variation involves players aiming to hit each number on the board in sequence from 1 to 20?
  14. What is the lower portion of the board usually called?
  15. On most dartboards the outer bull is usually what colour?
  16. What exactly does 'tops' refer to?
  17. The term 'trombones' refers to scoring how many points with the three darts?
  18. Winning a leg when the opponent throws the first three darts is known as a what?


  1. Oche
  2. The double 1 segment
  3. Double bulls
  4. Robin Hood
  5. Shaft
  6. Shanghai
  7. 45 points
  8. Beds
  9. 26 in three darts (via score count 20, 5, and 1)
  10. 170 checkout
  11. Dartitis
  12. Busts
  13. Around the clock
  14. Downstairs
  15. Green
  16. Double 20
  17. 76 points
  18. Break of throw

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