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Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

GK Questions I

  1. Which capital city is only 1 mile from the equator?
  2. What began on the 'Appointed Day' of 5 July 1948?

  3. What sort of property tax was introduced in Great Britain in 1712, during the reign of Queen Anne?
  4. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is a former President of which country?
  5. Which television general knowledge quiz show uses a large coin pusher arcade-style machine? And who presents this show?
  6. Which body of water separates the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula?
  7. Hartley Hare and Topov were animal characters in which British children's TV programme?
  8. Cockneys are said to be those born within earshot of which historic church?
  9. Starting with the letter 'p', what is the name of a baby puffin?
  10. The UK's 999 number, the world's oldest emergency call telephone service, was introduced in which decade?
  11. On his death in 2012, The New York Times called which author 'the writer most responsible for bringing modern science fiction into the literary mainstream'?
  12. Scottish chemist Sir James Dewar is best known for which invention?


  1. Quito

  2. NHS
  3. Wallpaper tax
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Tipping Point. The presenter is Ben Shephard
  6. The Adriatic Sea
  7. Pipkins
  8. St Mary-le-Bow
  9. Puffling
  10. 1930s (introduced in the London area on 30 June 1937)
  11. Ray Bradbury
  12. Vacuum flask

GK Questions II

  1. What is Donald Trump's middle name?

  2. The symbol for which solar system planet is also used to represent the male sex?
  3. What is the name of the UK's national weather service that makes weather predictions?
  4. Which duo released the song 'Fan – Dabi – Dozi', which peaked at number 46 in the UK Singles Chart in 1981?
  5. What was founded in 1960, in Baghdad, by five members and is now headquartered in Vienna with 14 members?
  6. Which American state has a name that means 'object to which the action of the sea is directed'?
  7. Which primates are the world's largest monkeys?
  8. Name the brand of rectangular, pre-baked food toaster pastries first introduced by Kelloggs in 1964?
  9. Name the Guyanese born businesswoman who brought a court-case against the British government over its authority to implement Brexit?
  10. On the famous white signpost at Lands End, what is listed as being 28 miles away?
  11. Which American state, known as the 'Constitution State', is also home to Yale University?
  12. Which First World War poet was killed in action exactly one week before the signing of the Armistice which ended the war?


  1. John
  2. Mars
  3. The Met Office
  4. The krankies
  5. OPEC
  6. Alaska
  7. Mandrills
  8. Pop-Tarts
  9. Gina Miller
  10. Isles of Scilly

  11. Connecticut
  12. Wilfred Owen
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