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Quiz I

  1. Can you name the highest peak in India?
  2. What was founded in the 15th Century by Guru Nanak in the Punjab?

  3. Known for its artistic Hindu style elements, which high hill fort is the principal tourist attraction of the Jaipur region?
  4. India shares its longest land border with which country?
  5. Which state in northern India is often denoted by the acronym 'J and K'?
  6. In Indian culture, what is a bindi?
  7. Which city has the highest number of billionaires and millionaires among all cities in India?
  8. Which animal in hinduism is regarded as a symbol of ahimsa (non-violence), mother goddess and bringer of wealth and good fortune?
  9. Completed in 1998, what is the Golden Quadilateral?
  10. Outside India, Hindi is an official language in which South Pacific Ocean country?
  11. Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated in which city?
  12. Shah Rukh Khan is often referred to in the media as the 'king of' where?
  13. What was awarded to Rabindranath Tagore in 1913?
  14. Which sea is bounded on the north by Pakistan and Iran, and on the east by India?
  15. By what name is the 'festival of lights' known by?
  16. Which state in Northeast India, bordered by Bhutan, is world famous for its tea and silk?
  17. Which plain-woven textile made from unbleached and often not fully processed cotton is named after a city in southwestern India?
  18. Name the second most widely spoken of the 22 scheduled languages of India?
  19. Which type of bird is Pavo cristatus, the national bird of India?
  20. Where would you mostly visibly see the Ashoka Chakra?


  1. Kanchenjunga
  2. Sikhism
  3. Amer Fort (or Amber Fort)
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Jammu and Kashmir
  6. A red dot worn on the center of the forehead (commonly worn by Hindu and Jain women)
  7. Mumbai
  8. The cow
  9. A superhighway linking India's main four cities
  10. Fiji
  11. New Delhi
  12. King of Bollywood
  13. Nobel Prize in Literature (the first non-European to win the prize)
  14. The Arabian Sea
  15. Diwali
  16. Assam
  17. Calico
  18. Bengali (Hindi is the first, and Telugu ranks third)
  19. Indian peacock
  20. On the Indian Flag (it's the navy blue 24-spoke wheel at the centre of the Flag of India)