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Left or Right Trivia


  1. Does the statue of Liberty hold her torch in the right or left hand?
  2. Name the most populated country in the world where everyone drives on the left side?
  3. Admiral Nelson lost his right arm leadiing a doomed assault on which island?

  4. On a standard UK keyboard, left and right brackets feature on which two number keys?
  5. Which comedian was famous for wearing wellington boots labelled 'L' for left and 'R' for right?
  6. Facing forward, is starboard the right-hand side or the left-hand side?
  7. In heraldry, if the term 'dexter' refers to the right, what word is used to signify to the left?
  8. In which sport was left-handed play ruled out in 1975 for safety reasons?
  9. In politics, the terms 'Left' and 'Right' were first used during which historical event?
  10. In The Simpsons, can you name the store in the Springfield Mall that specializes in products for left-handed people?
  11. Which actor plays Billy the Kid in the 1958 American western film The Left Handed Gun?
  12. Which British band has won Ivor Novello Awards for the songs "I'm Too Sexy" and "Deeply Dippy"?
  13. What do we call a remark that seems to say something nice about a person but could also be an insult?
  14. What does the sculpture David, by Michelangelo, hold in his right hand?
  15. In boxing, what name is given to the normal stance of a left-handed boxer?
  16. If sinistral is derived from the Latin word for 'left', which derived word from Latin would mean 'right'?
  17. It is British tradition at a formal dinner for which drink to always be passed to the left?


  1. Right hand
  2. India
  3. Tenerife (the largest and most populated island of the Canary Islands)
  4. 9 and 0
  5. Jimmy Cricket
  6. Right-hand side (and port is the left-hand side)
  7. Sinister
  8. Polo
  9. The French Revolution
  10. Leftorium
  11. Paul Newman
  12. Right Said Fred
  13. A left-handed compliment
  14. A rock
  15. Southpaw
  16. Dextral
  17. Port

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