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Mascots Quiz and Trivia

Mascots Questions

  1. Leo the Lion is the mascot for which Hollywood film studio?

  2. Which British insurance company has a nodding bulldog as its mascot?
  3. A golden robot called Mr. Chips is which game show's mascot?
  4. The iconic Fat Charlie logo is associated with which major brand?
  5. What type of animal is Geoffrey, The Toys 'R' Us mascot?
  6. Underneath his overall, Ronald McDonald wears a striped shirt featuring which two colours?
  7. What name is the mascot Bibendum or Bib better known by?
  8. What type of animal was Zakumi, the mascot for the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup?
  9. The famous blue Twitter bird has a name, can you give it?
  10. On the packaging of what type of food product are you most likely to find Cornelius?


  1. MGM
  2. Churchill
  3. Catchphrase
  4. Little Chef
  5. A giraffe
  6. Red and White
  7. Michelin Man
  8. A leopard
  9. Larry
  10. Breakfast cereal (he's the Kellogg's Corn Flakes rooster)

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