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Mountains Quiz I

  1. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains in which large North American mountain range?
  2. Where is Mons Huygens the highest mountain?
  3. Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in which country?
  4. Mount Teide, the highest point in Spain, is not on the Spanish mainland; where exactly is it?

  5. The highest mountain peak in North America has the former official name of Mount McKinley, what new name is it now also known by?
  6. Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas and the highest outside of Asia, is located in which country?
  7. Which mountain range in South Wales would you visit to walk to the top of South Wales' highest mountain, Pen y Fan?
  8. Name the highest mountain in the Alps?
  9. The Dolomites are a mountain range located in the northeastern part of which country?
  10. Which mountain is the highest peak in the Caucasus range?
  11. Which Austrian state's territory is located entirely within the Eastern Alps at the Brenner Pass?
  12. Name the English mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest, in the early 1920s?
  13. Which range of hills straddle the England-Scotland border?
  14. Slieve Donard, the highest peak in Northern Ireland, is part of which mountain range?
  15. Which mountain range runs the length of New Zealand's South Island? And name the highest peak in this range?
  16. What are Scottish mountains over 3,000ft called? And what's the name for British mountains and hills over 150 metres high?
  17. The world's highest volcanoes are in which mountain range?
  18. In geology, the Jurassic period is named after a mountain range in which country?
  19. Edward Whymper is best known for the first ascent of which mountain in 1865?
  20. What two word name is the mountain K2 also known by?
  21. The highest mountain in our Solar Sytem is on which planet?
  22. Which Scottish mountain range includes the Cairngorms and the Lochaber hills?


  1. The Appalachian Mountains
  2. On the moon
  3. Australia (in the Snowy Mountains range)
  4. Tenerife in the Canary Islands
  5. Denali
  6. Argentina
  7. Brecon Beacons
  8. Mont Blanc
  9. Italy
  10. Mount Elbrus
  11. Tyrol
  12. George Mallory
  13. The Cheviot Hills
  14. Mourne Mountains
  15. Southern Alps. And Mount Cook.

  16. Munros. And Marilyns (over 150m high).
  17. The Andes
  18. Switzerland (The Jura Mountains)
  19. Matterhorn
  20. Mount Goodwin Austen
  21. Mars (the mountain is called Olympus Mons)
  22. The Grampian Mountains

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