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Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

Multiple Choice I

  1. In which city did poet John Keats die: (a) Rome, (b) Paris, or (c) London?
  2. Which two states border Florida: (a) Alabama and Georgia, (b) Alabama and Louisiana, or (c) Georgia and Louisiana?
  3. The first ever commercial bungie jump took place in which country: (a) South Africa, (b) Australia, or (c) New Zealand?
  4. Britain's first black archbishop became bishop of where in 2005: (a) Durham, (b) York, or (c) Canterbury?
  5. Who played Colonel Pickering in the 1964 film My Fair Lady: (a) Wilfrid Hyde-White, (b) Rex Harrison, or (c) Stanley Holloway?

  6. The river Senne flows through which capital city: (a) Amsterdam, (b) Brussels, or (c) Copenhagen?
  7. Who is the protagonist of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Miserables: (a) Jean Valjean, (b) Jean Piaget, or (c) Jean Seri?
  8. When did the British children's television programme Blue Peter first air: (a)1958, (b)1968, or (c)1978?
  9. Who was the fourth man to walk on the moon: (a) Mr. Bean, (b) Mr. Darcy, or (c) Mr. Kipling?
  10. Who was king during the Peasant's Revolt: (a) King John, (b) Henry III, or (c) Richard II?
  11. Where did Disney open a resort on June 16, 2016: (a) Singapore, (b) Shanghai, or (c) Tokyo?
  12. What was Charles Dickens' first novel: (a) The Pickwick Papers, (b) The Old Curiosity Shop, or (c) Oliver Twist?


  1. Rome
  2. Alabama and Georgia
  3. New Zealand
  4. York
  5. Wilfrid Hyde-White
  6. Brussels
  7. Jean Valjean
  8. 1958
  9. Alan Bean
  10. Richard II
  11. Shanghai, China
  12. The Pickwick Papers

Multiple Choice II

  1. At the time of Casanova's birth which city was the pleasure capital of Europe: (a) Paris, (b) Rome, or (c) Venice?
  2. Who is leader of the Welsh Party Plaid Cymru: (a) Leanne England, (b) Leanne Stone, or (c) Leanne Wood?
  3. Most of which African country's wine is produced in Cap Bon: (a) Namibia, (b) South Africa, or (c) Tunisia?
  4. Who was the fourth Doctor Who: (a) Tom Baker, (b) Jon Pertwee, or (c) Peter Davison?
  5. 'Socks' was the pet cat of which U.S. President: (a) Ronald Reagan, (b) Bill Clinton, or (c) George W. Bush?
  6. In 2005, a painting by artist Lucien Freud sold for £3.9 million pounds; who was the subject: (a) Marilyn Monroe, (b) Kate Moss, or (c) Kate Winslet?
  7. On his birthday in December 2021, how old will Tiger Woods be: (a) 39, (b) 42, or (c) 46?
  8. Who did Helen Mirren live with in the early 1980s: (a) Liam Neeson, (b) Bob Hoskins, or (c) Peter O'Toole?
  9. Who starred in the Academy Award-winning 1943 film Der Fuehrer’s Face about the struggles of living in Nazi Germany: (a) Charlie Chaplin, (b) Donald Duck, or (c) Walter Pidgeon?
  10. Which war ended in 1648 with the signing of the Treaty of Westphalia: (a) Nine Years War, (b) Thirty Years War, or (c) the English Civil War?
  11. Who in July 2011 made her film debut as Smurfette in The Smurfs: (a) Christina Aguilera, (b) Paris Hilton, or (c) Katie Perry?
  12. Which coin was first issued on the 9th of June 1982: (a) two pound, (b) one pound, or (c) twenty pence piece?


  1. Venice
  2. Leanne Wood
  3. Tunisia
  4. Tom Baker
  5. Bill Clinton

  6. A nude painting of Kate Moss
  7. 46
  8. Liam Neeson
  9. Donald Duck
  10. Thirty Years War
  11. Katie Perry
  12. Twenty pence piece