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Multiple Choice I

  1. Which of these pairs of animals are most likely to meet in the wild? (a) A penguin and a polar bear (b) A leopard and a cheetah (c) A gorilla and an orang-utan (d) A lemur and a wallaby
  2. Which of these inventions could Queen Victoria have never seen? (a) A photograph (b) A telephone (c) Coca Cola (d) Teabags
  3. Which of these took up their position as a judge first? (a) David Hasselhoff on Britain’s Got Talent (b) Alesha Dixon on Strictly Come Dancing (c) Cheryl Cole on The X Factor UK (d) Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

  4. In early Victorian Times who were called Pythagoreans? (a) Vegetarians (b) Mathematicians (c) Freemasons (d) Suffragettes
  5. A device capable of storing electricity consisting of conducting plates separated by a layer of insulating material is given what name? (a) Dynamo (b) Transistor (c) Battery (d) Capacitor
  6. Which of these countries is closest to the Isle of Man? (a) Northern Ireland (b) Wales (c) Scotland (d) England
  7. Which out of the following football stadiums has the largest capacity? (a) St. James' Park, Newcastle (b) Anfield, Liverpool (c) Villa Park, Aston Villa (d) Stamford Bridge, Chelsea
  8. Tribology is the science of what? (a) Friction and lubrication (b) Extinct marine arthropods (c) Amazonian tribes (d) Ancient handwriting
  9. Of which alphabet is aleph the first letter?(a) Greek (b) Bulgarian (c) Cyrillic (d) Hebrew
  10. What was Sir Edmund Hillary's official occupation? (a) Beekeeper (b) Bookkeeper (c) Accountant (d) Zoo keeper


  1. A leopard and a cheetah
  2. Teabags
  3. Cheryl Cole on The X Factor UK
  4. Vegetarians
  5. Capacitor
  6. Scotland
  7. St. James' Park, Newcastle
  8. Friction and lubrication
  9. Hebrew
  10. Beekeeper

Multiple Choice II

  1. Which foot did Neil Armstrong put on the moon first: (a)left, (b)right, or (c)both at the same time?

  2. In which year did Old West legend Wyatt Earp die: (a)1869, (b)1899, or (c)1929?
  3. Which two countries border Liechtenstein: (a)Germany and Austria, (b) Switzerland and Austria, or (c)Germany and Switzerland?
  4. Which pop duo was the first western band to play in China: (a)Wham!, (b)Hall and Oats, or (c)Pet Shop Boys?
  5. How long does it take Pluto to orbit the Sun: (a)248 years, (b)24 years, or (c)24 months?
  6. By the mid 17th century, which city was the world's financial centre? (a)Amsterdam, (b)Paris, or (c)London?
  7. John Lennon was shot outside which New York apartment building: (a)The Dakota Building, (b)The Denver Building, or (c)The Chrysler Building?
  8. What was the profession of Jack Russell, the breeder who has given his name to the modern dog breed: (a)Schoolmaster, (b)Gamekeeper, or (c)Parson?
  9. What is the technical term for a lack of oxygen in the body: (a)Hypercapnia, (b)Holism. or (c)Hypoxia?
  10. What does the Sikh surname 'Singh' mean: (a)Lion, (b)Master. or (c)Farmer?
  11. In 1993, Jacqueline Gold became managing director of which retail chain: (a)Ann Harvey, (b)Ann Summers, or (c)Woolworths?
  12. What is the 'trolley problem' an experiment in: (a)philosophy, (b)physics, or (c)mathematics?


  1. His left
  2. 1929
  3. Switzerland and Austria
  4. Wham!
  5. 248 years
  6. Amsterdam
  7. The Dakota Building
  8. Parson
  9. Hypoxia
  10. Lion
  11. Ann Summers
  12. Philosophy

Multiple Choice III

  1. The German passenger airship Hindenburg, which was destroyed by fire in 1937, was filled with which gas: (a)hydrogen, (b)helium, or (c)oxygen?
  2. What is Sara Mendes da Costa best known for: (a)voice of the speaking clock, (b)being the wife of Nick Clegg, or (b)former President of the European Parliament?
  3. How long would a manned space flight to Mars roughly take: (a)7 weeks, (b)7 months, or (c)7 years?
  4. Whose motto is Eclat, a French word meaning 'brilliance': (a)The French Foreign Legion, (b)The Red Arrows, (c)The Special Boat Squadron?
  5. Which island, a major apple producer, is the 26th largest Island in the world: (a)Cuba, (b) Hawaii, or (c)Tasmania?
  6. Who was born on May 12, 1956, and raised on a farm: (a)Bill Clinton,(b)Barbie, or (c)Homer Simpson?
  7. Who finished in second place in the 1979 24 Hours of Le Mans automobile race: (a)Steve McQueen (b)Robert Redford, or (c)Paul Newman?
  8. Which European city has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world: (a)London, (b)Hamburg, or (c)Amsterdam?
  9. What is the last name of Chandler, a fictional character from the sitcom Friends: (a)Bing, (b)Bong, (c)Bung?
  10. Who was the first English author to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature: (a)Rudyard Kipling, (b)William Golding, or (c) Sir Winston Churchill?
  11. Bono. the lead singer of U2, gets his nickname from what: (a)a hearing aid, (b)a mouth organ, or (c)reading glasses?
  12. Name the ship that Lieutenant James Cook commanded on his first voyage of discovery, to Australia and New Zealand? (a)Endeavour, (b)Discovery, or (c)Endurance?
  13. Who was born in Edinburgh in 1930 and given the middle name Balfour: (a)Ronnie Corbett, (b)Richard Wilson, or (c)Billy Connolly?
  14. What was founded in 1953 by London vicar Chad Varah: (a)the samaritans, (b)oxfam, (c)citizens advice bureaus, or (d)amnesty international?


  1. Hydrogen

  2. Voice of the speaking clock
  3. 7 months
  4. The Red Arrows
  5. Tasmania
  6. Homer Simpson
  7. Paul Newman
  8. Hamburg
  9. Bing
  10. Rudyard Kipling
  11. Hearing Aid (Latin for 'good voice', taken form the Bonavox hearing aid store in Dublin)
  12. Endeavour
  13. Ronnie Corbett
  14. The samaritans

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