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Questions I

  1. In which year did transportation to Australia officially end: (a)1788, (b)1828, or (c)1868?

  2. The Danish name for the Faroe Islands translates as: (a)the islands of sheep, (b)the land of hermits, or (c)the windy islands?
  3. Hugo Drax is a Bond villain in which 007 film: (a)Octopussy, (b)You Only Live Twice, or (c)Moonraker?
  4. Name the son of King Henry VIII who was king of England until his death aged just 15: (a)Edward IV, (b)Edward V, or (c)Edward VI?
  5. What is the most commonly used 'noun' in the English language: (a)school, (b)time, or (c)thing?
  6. Name Britain's longest-running weekly women's magazine:(a)Woman's Own, (b)Vintage Life, or (c)The Lady?
  7. What did Cecil Chubb buy at auction for £6,600 in 1915: (a)London Bridge, (b)Mount Everest, or (c)Stonehenge?
  8. Who was the first monarch to reside at Buckingham Palace: (a)George IV, (b)William IV, or (c)Queen Victoria?
  9. In 2005, Bill and Hilary Clinton had front row seats at the wedding of which famous couple: (a)Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, (b)actor Ashton Kutcher and actress Demi Moore, or (c)Donald Trump and model Melania Knauss?
  10. Which British Prime Minister was the longest serving in the 20th Century: (a)Sir Winston Churchill, (b)Margaret Thatcher, or (c)Tony Blair?
  11. Noel Harrison who recorded 'The Windmills of Your Mind' was related to which famous person: (a)the brother of Beatle George Harrison, (b)the son of actor Rex Harrison, or (c)the grandson of President Benjamin Harrison?
  12. What in Australia is 'Q1': (a)Australia's tallest building, (b)the Prime Minister's official aircraft, or (c)the main national radio station?
  13. Which of these inventions could Queen Victoria have never seen: (a)telephone, (b)Coca Cola, or (c)teabags?
  14. The Battle of Hastings was fought in which month: (a)March, (b)June, or (c)October?


  1. 1868
  2. The islands of sheep
  3. Moonraker
  4. Edward VI

  5. Time
  6. The Lady
  7. Stonehenge (and gave it to the nation three years late)
  8. Victoria
  9. Donald Trump and model Melania Knauss
  10. Margaret Thatcher (11 years, 209 days; Tony Blair served 10 years, 56 days)
  11. Son of Rex Harrison
  12. Australia's tallest building (Queensland Number 1)
  13. Teabags
  14. October

Multiple Choice Questions II

  1. In which city was Mother Theresa born: (a)Skopje, (b)Tirana, or (c)Zagreb?
  2. Which actor co-hosted the Oscars in 1959 and won the Best Actor Award on the same night: (a)David Niven, (b)Jack Lemon, or (c)Frank Sinatra?
  3. Which country did President Obama visit on his first overseas trip as President: (a)Canada, (b)Mexico, or (c)United Kingdom?
  4. Which of the Baltic states is the most northern: (a)Estonia, (b)Latvia, or (c)Lithuania?
  5. By what name do we better know Roger Dawson: (a)the Beano magazine's Roger the Dodger, (b)singer Roger Whittaker, or (c)actor Roger Moore?
  6. Other than India, which country is Hindi an official language: (a)Fiji, (b)Sri Lanka, or (c)Bangladesh?
  7. Who is the first person to have won both the Turner Prize and an Oscar: (a)Tracey Emin,(b)actress Emma Thompson, or (c)film director Steve McQueen?
  8. The supermarket giant Morrisons and the mail order catalogue company Grattan PLC both have their headquarters in which city: (a)Bradford, (b)Birmingham, or (c)Bristol?
  9. How many stars are there on the Australian flag: (a)4, (b)5, or (c)6?
  10. What were the first words spoken by Buzz Adrin on the moon: (a)beautiful view, (b)that sun is bright, or (c)Neil, I'm out here?
  11. In which century did Nostradamus live: (a)14th Century, (b)15th Century, or (c)16th Century?
  12. Approximately, how much would a small one kilogram gold bar be worth: (a)£3,000, (b)£32,000, or (c)£320,000?


  1. Skopje
  2. David Niven
  3. Canada (since 1981, it was tradition that the U.S. president's first foreign visit should be to Canada)

  4. Estonia
  5. Roger the Dodger
  6. Fiji
  7. Steve McQueen
  8. Bradford
  9. 6
  10. Beautiful view ('Magnificent desolation' was his second sentence in reply to Armstrong's 'isn't it magnificent?')
  11. 16th Century (103 - 1566)
  12. £32,000

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