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Guess the Oldest Trivia?


  1. As of September 2018, who at the age of 68, is the the oldest person to have had a UK number one song?
  2. Which language, an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore, is considered the world's oldest language (at over 5,000 years old)?
  3. What is the first name of the oldest of the Nolan sisters?

  4. Name the oldest UK Prime Minister to ever have held office?
  5. Jeanne Louise Calment was a French supercentenarian who is the oldest confirmed person to have ever lived, what age did she reach?
  6. Which British museum is the world's first and oldest university museum?
  7. Which football player is the oldest to ever have represented England?
  8. The Westminster is the oldest what in the world?
  9. What is the title that is bestowed on the senior member of the House of Commons who has the longest continuous service?
  10. Which shape and colour is UK's oldest image to be a registered trade mark?
  11. FIFA and the English FA officially recognise which city's club as the oldest now playing association football?
  12. Which member of the Marx Brothers was the eldest?
  13. Who was the oldest in the pop group the Spice Girls?
  14. Which country has the oldest, continuously used national flag in the world?
  15. Who is the oldest ever Academy Award (Oscar) winner of Best Actor in a Leading Role?


  1. Tom Jones (with "Islands in the Stream" recorded as a charity single in 2009)
  2. Tamil
  3. Anne
  4. William Gladstone (who was 84 years old when he left office in 1894)
  5. 122 (122 years, 164 days. She died in 1997 and remembers Vincent van Gogh visiting her father's shop in 1888.)
  6. The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
  7. Stanley Matthews (aged 42. Note: Peter Shilton was aged 40, when he representd England in the FIFA World Cup Finals 3rd place play-off against Italy in 1990)
  8. Dog show
  9. Father of the House (which as of September 2018, was Kenneth Clarke)
  10. Red triangle (Bass Brewery's logo became the first image to be registered as a trademark in the UK, in 1876)
  11. Sheffield
  12. Chico (birth name Leonard)
  13. Geri Halliwell
  14. Denmark
  15. Henry Fonda (aged 76 years and 317 days, for On Golden Pond in 1981)

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