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Quiz I

  1. Which Metropolitan Police Service unit was originally set up in 1998 to tackle gun crime?
  2. On television, Brenda Blethyn plays which fictional character in the Northumberland and City Police force?
  3. Which twice Prime Minister is regarded as the father of modern British policing?

  4. Which British police officer was fatally wounded by a shot fired from the Libyan embassy in 1984?
  5. What is an American officer's equivalent of a truncheon?
  6. What was the name of the fictional police chief in the film Jaws?
  7. What is dactyloscopy?
  8. Television's Life on Mars is set in which city?
  9. What was the name given to London's first professional police force, formed in 1749 by magistrate and well known author Henry Fielding?
  10. Which phrase would you most associate with Sgt. Phil Esterhaus of Hill Street Blues?
  11. Which training college is the principal training centre for London's Metropolitan Police Service?
  12. Which UK police rank has a rank badge of a crown worn on the epaulettes (or shoulder piece)?
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      Question 12 - Police rank quiz question?

  14. Fictional police constable George Dixon first appeared in which iconic British film?
  15. Which cockney rhyming slang term is often used for the Flying Squad of London's Metropolitan Police Service?
  16. What number do you dial in Europe to contact the emergency services?
  17. In the United States, what does the acronym SWAT stand for?
  18. In 2017, who was the first woman to become Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London?
  19. What does the acronym PCSO stand for?
  20. In which French city are the headquarters of INTERPOL?
  21. In the early eighties, which Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police headed a famous inquiry that investigated a shoot-to-kill policy?
  22. Which Detective Chief Superintendent led the team that were responsible for the conviction of Ronnie and Reggie Kray?
  23. What was the name of the Detective Chief Inspector played by Helen Mirren in the ITV Prime Suspect series?


  1. Operation Trident or Trident
  2. Vera or Vera Stanhope
  3. Sir Robert Peel
  4. Yvonne Fletcher
  5. Nightstick
  6. Police Chief Martin Brody
  7. Fingerprint identification
  8. Manchester
  9. The Bow Street Runners
  10. Be careful out there
  11. Hendon Police College
  12. Superintendent
  13. The Blue Lamp
  14. The Sweeny (rhyming slang: 'Sweeney Todd' for 'Flying Squad')
  15. 112
  16. Special Weapons And Tactics
  17. Cressida Dick
  18. Police Community Support Officer
  19. Lyon
  20. John Stalker
  21. Leonard "Nipper" Read
  22. Jane Tennison

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