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Sidekicks Quiz and Trivia


  1. Which fictional superhero is Richard John Grayson better known as?

  2. Who has had sidekicks Mel Bush, River Song and Jackson Lake?
  3. Which character from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, is Hamlet's most trusted friend?
  4. Who had a deaf and mute servant named Bernardo?
  5. Bronn is Tywin Lannister's bodyguard in which television series?
  6. In literature, Samwise Gamgee is the sidekick to which primary protagonist?
  7. Ethel Mertz is generally the voice of reason in which American sitcom?
  8. In the novel by Cervantes who is Don Quixote' squire?
  9. Who is the animated sidekick of Danger Mouse?
  10. Who was George W. Bush's Vice President from 2001 to 2009?


  1. Robin
  2. Dr. Who
  3. Horatio
  4. Zorro
  5. Game of Thrones
  6. Frodo Baggins
  7. I Love Lucy
  8. Sancho Panza
  9. Ernest Penfold
  10. Dick Cheney

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