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Saint Patrick's Day Quiz Questions and Answers

St Patrick's Day Quiz

  1. On what date is Saint Patrick's Day?
  2. St. Patrick was born in Roman Britain, but why did he go to Ireland when he was 16?
  3. Which traditional Irish dish is made of mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage?
  4. Can you name the highest peak on the island of Ireland?
  5. In Irish mythology, which warrior accidentally gained all the knowledge in the world by eating a magical salmon from the River Boyne?
  6. Can you name the first female President of Ireland?
  7. In legend, what attacked Saint Patrick during a 40-day fast he was undertaking on top of a hill?

  8. Which American city's river is famously dyed green in a fifty-year-old St. Patrick's Day tradition?
  9. Which surname, meaning 'sea battler', is the most common in Ireland?
  10. What did Saint Patrick use to teach the Irish people about the doctrine of the Holy Trinity?
  11. Which island is known as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean and celebrates St. Patrick's Day as a public holiday? (Hint: the southern part of the island is now uninhabitable after a 1995 volcano eruption)
  12. What is the main ingredient of the Irish pancake Boxty?
  13. What's the familiar logo of Guinness?
  14. Which river flows through the centre of Dublin? And can you name Dublin's main thoroughfare?
  15. If a human catches a leprechaun, what must that leprechaun give to the human to be released?
  16. What's the name of the 40,000 interlocking basalt columns on the north coast of Northern Ireland?
  17. Which animal is the trademark of Waterford Crystal?
  18. Which castle, near Cork, would you find the Stone of Eloquence?
  19. The largest county in Ireland is county Cork, can you name the next largest?
  20. Which theatre in Dublin is also known as the National Theatre of Ireland?


  1. 17 March
  2. Captured by Irish pirates and made a slave
  3. Colcannon
  4. Carrauntoohil
  5. Finn MacCool (or Fionn Mac Cumhail)
  6. Mary Robinson
  7. Snakes
  8. Chicago
  9. Murphy
  10. The shamrock
  11. Montserrat (Hint: in 1995, Montserrat's Soufrière Hills volcano buried the island's capital, Plymouth, in more than 12 metres of mud
  12. Potato
  13. A harp
  14. River Liffey O'Connell Street.
  15. Three wishes
  16. The Giant's Causeway
  17. Seahorse
  18. Blarney Castle (the Stone of Eloquence is another name for the Blarney Stone)
  19. County Galway
  20. The Abbey Theatre

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