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Bridges Quizzes

Quiz I

  1. Which bridge crosses the River Thames between Blackfriars Bridge and Hungerford Bridge?
  2. What type of bridge is The Forth Railway Bridge?
  3. Which bridge near Kingston upon Hull was, at the time of its opening in 1981, the longest suspension bridge in the world?

  4. Name the most well-known bridge to cross the Vltava river in Prague?
  5. The Menai Suspension Bridge connects which island to the British mainland? And who designed this bridge?
  6. Which double-decked bridge, connecting New York City to New Jersey, is the world's busiest?
  7. 'The Bridge of Sighs' was the last view of Venice that convicts saw before their imprisonment, however, who gave the bridge this name?
  8. The Iron Bridge, the first major bridge in the world to be made of cast iron, crosses which British river?
  9. What nickname do Australians give to the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
  10. In June 2012, what was suspended from Tower Bridge?
  11. What is the official colour of the Golden Gate Bridge?
  12. Which motorway suspension bridge opened in 1966, connecting South Wales and England?
  13. Which bridge collapsed during a violent storm on Sunday 28 December 1879?
  14. What type of bridge links Northern Ireland to the island of Carrickarede?


  1. Waterloo Bridge
  2. Cantilever
  3. Humber Bridge
  4. Charles Bridge
  5. Anglesey. Thomas Telford designed the bridge.
  6. George Washington Bridge
  7. Lord Byron
  8. River Severn (in Shropshire)
  9. The Coat Hanger
  10. A set of Olympic rings
  11. Orange (International orange)
  12. The Severn Bridge
  13. The Tay Bridge
  14. A rope bridge (Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a famous rope bridge and tourist attraction)

Bridges Quiz II

  1. What type of Specialised bridges would you find at Newport in Wales crossing the River Usk and at Middlesborough crossing the River Tees?
  2. The Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world, is in which country?
  3. Which bridge has been the starting point for The University Boat Race since 1845?
  4. Name the oldest bridge to span the Grand Canal in Venice?
  5. What type of bridge, usually a temporary structure, floats on water?
  6. Which city has the most bridges of any city in Europe?
  7. Who painted the 1747 painting entitled 'London seen through an arch of Westminster Bridge'?
  8. 'The Skinny Bridge' is the most famous bridge in which European city?
  9. Westminster Bridge, a bridge over the River Thames in London, is painted predominantly which colour?
  10. London Bridge was built in the 1830s to span the River Thames, it was dismantled in 1967 and famously relocated to which U.S. state?
  11. The Ponte Vecchio is a Medieval bridge over which Italian river?
  12. Which British city has a Bridge of Sighs named after the famous Venice bridge?
  13. Which fairy tale features a fearsome troll who eats anyone who tries to cross the bridge?
  14. Which bridge is considered an iconic structure and symbol of Scotland?
  15. Which London steel suspension pedestrian bridge was opened in 2000, but then had to be closed for a further two years while modifications were made to eliminate swaying?


  1. Transporter bridges
  2. France
  3. Putney Bridge
  4. The Rialto Bridge
  5. Pontoon bridge

  6. Hamburg
  7. Canaletto
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Green
  10. Arizona (Lake Havasu City)
  11. Arno River (and the bridge is in Florence)
  12. Cambridge
  13. Three Billy Goats Gruff
  14. The Forth Bridge
  15. The Millennium Bridge

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