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25 Sport Questions and Answers


  1. In March 2018, who was ranked the British No. 1 male tennis player?
  2. The Newtonmore Camanachd Club are historically which sport's most successful side, having won the Camanachd Cup a record 32 times?
  3. Which British sportswoman has won consecutive Olympic gold medals in both the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics?
  4. Which darts player is nicknamed 'Jackpot'?
  5. Which female athelete, winner of a 4 x 400 metres relay bronze medal at the Moscow Olympics, was married to comedian and actor Bobby Knutt?
  6. Which retired rugby league winger was nicknamed 'chariots’?
  7. Which British sailor is the most successful sailor in Olympic history?
  8. Which University has the UK’s only bobsleigh and skeleton push-start track and hosts the British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association?
  9. Which swimmer won two gold medals at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, aged just 13?
  10. A statue of which Olympic gold medal winning athelete was unveiled on Brighton seafront in 2012?
  11. Who was the United Kingdom's first ever Formula One World Champion?

  12. Who is Scotland's all-time top goal scorer in International football?
  13. In 1982, with her daughter Denise, who set a British 10-mile cycling record for women riding a tandem?
  14. Which annual sporting event has been incorporated into Cockney rhyming slang for a part of the body?
  15. Name the only two fences in the Grand National horse race that have to be negotiated only once?
  16. What links Hugh Jones in 1982, Mike Gratton 1983, and Steve Jones in 1985?
  17. Who is the first woman to win an Olympic boxing title?
  18. Which British athelete won the long jump gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics?
  19. Which famous sport's venue is located in the district of Saint John's Wood, in northwest London?
  20. The Glasgow Rocks, Sheffield Sharks and Surrey Scorchers are teams in which sport?
  21. Which hymn has been sung before the kick-off at every Rugby League Challenge Cup Final since 1929?
  22. Brothers Graham and Martin competed for Britain throughout the 1980s and 1990s in skiiing, what was their surname?
  23. The main trophy of Rugby World Cup Sevens is named after which Scottish town?
  24. Which rugby union coach was banned from the sport for three years in 2009 when covering up a fake injury in 'Bloodgate'?
  25. Which football magazine had a circulation high of 120,000 copies per week in 1996 and was known for its annual gift of free league ladders?
  26. What is the real first name of retired English international cricket umpire 'Dickie Bird'? And what about Daley Thompson's real first name?


  1. Kyle Edmunds
  2. Shinty
  3. Lizzy Yarnold
  4. Adrian Lewis
  5. Donna Hartley
  6. Martin Offiah
  7. Ben Ainslie
  8. Bath University
  9. Ellie Simmonds
  10. Steve Ovett
  11. Mike Hawthorn (1958)
  12. Dennis Law or Kenny Dalglish (both have 30 goals)
  13. Beryl Burton (and the time was 21 minutes, 25 seconds)
  14. Boat Race (cockney rhyming slang for face)
  15. The Chair and Water Jump (all other, e.g. Canal Turn, Becher's Brook and Valentine's are jumped twice)
  16. London marathon winners
  17. Nicola Adams (flyweight in 2012)
  18. Greg Rutherford
  19. Lord's Cricket Ground
  20. Basketball
  21. Abide With Me
  22. Bell
  23. Melrose
  24. Dean Richards
  25. Shoot
  26. Harold. Francis (Daley Thompson)

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