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Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

Questions I

  1. Which island is the most populous island in the Caribbean and the second largest after Cuba?

  2. In geography, which word describes the place at which two or more rivers flow together to form one larger river?
  3. What was Nyasaland renamed in 1964 when it became independent from Britain?
  4. Cape York Peninsula is located in which country?
  5. Mount St. Helens volcano lies in which mountain range?
  6. Doha is the capital city of which small country?
  7. Which geographical term is given to a narrow strip of land with sea on either side that forms a link between two larger areas of land?
  8. The Isle of Sheppey is an island off the northern coast of which Englisn county?
  9. In 2015, what was name of North America's tallest mountain peak, Mount McKinley, changed to?
  10. Tunisia is surrounded by which two African countries?
  11. Four American states meet at the same point; Colorado and Arizona are two, name the other two?
  12. How many countries in the world have names that start with the letter 'I'?


  1. Hispaniola

  2. Confluence
  3. Malawi
  4. Australia
  5. The Cascade Range
  6. Qatar
  7. Isthmus
  8. Kent
  9. Denali
  10. Algeria and Libya
  11. Utah and New Mexico
  12. Nine (Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, and Israel)

Geography Quiz II

  1. The world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, the Angel Falls, are in which country?
  2. Which country is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine?
  3. Which island is bigger: Sardinia or Corsica?
  4. Name the gulf formed by the sea borders of Sweden and Finland?
  5. In which country does the Mekong river reach the sea?
  6. Which inlet of the North Sea lies north of Inverness?
  7. Name the fourth largest city in the Netherlands?
  8. Which town in Pembrokeshire, Wales, is the UK's largest energy port?
  9. Which two South American countries are landlocked?
  10. 'Most Serene Republic' is a title historically attached to a number of European states, however, name the only modern independent state to use the style?
  11. What do the Mexicans call the peninsula that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California?
  12. There are four countries in the Horn of Africa; name any two of them?


  1. Venezuela
  2. Moldova

  3. Sardinia (nearly 3 times bigger than Corsica, and the 2nd biggest in the Mediterranean after Sicily)
  4. Gulf of Bothnia
  5. Vietnam
  6. The Moray Firth
  7. Utrecht
  8. Milford Haven
  9. Bolivia and Paraguay
  10. San Marino
  11. Baja California (known as Lower California in the USA)
  12. Any two from Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia
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