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Difficult Quiz Questions and Answers

Questions I

  1. What is the most common surname in France?
  2. What does the Mongolic word 'dalai' mean, as in Dalai Lama?
  3. Claudia Johnson, the former 'First Lady of the United States' and wife of Lyndon B. Johnson was best known by which two names?
  4. Which famous American was born in Duluth, Minnesota, in May 1941?
  5. What is a qirt?

  6. Who played the character Charlie Sage in Carry on Sergeant?
  7. What did American architect Walter Burley Griffin design in Australia?
  8. The Curse of Scotland is a nickname used for which playing card?
  9. As of 2015, who is the Member of Parliament for Mid Bedfordshire?
  10. Captured in North Vietnam, American POW Jeremiah Denton repeatedly blinked his eyes in Morse Code during a forced 1966 television conference spelling out what word?
  11. In Eastenders, The Queen Victoria pub is at the corner of Albert Square and which street?
  12. Which musician was born Philippe Pagés in Paris in 1953?
  13. Which film actor was the most decorated American soldier in World War Two?
  14. Branded the 'eternal Booker bridesmaid', who was shortlisted five times for the Man Booker Prize between 1973 and 1998 but never won?
  15. What is ziganka?


  1. Martin
  2. Ocean
  3. Lady Bird
  4. Bob Dylan
  5. A whip or riding crop

  6. Bob Monkhouse
  7. Canberra
  8. Nine of Diamonds
  9. Nadine Dorries
  10. Torture
  11. Bridge Street
  12. Richard Clayderman
  13. Audie Murphey
  14. Beryl Bainbridge
  15. A Russian country dance (accept dance)

Questions II

  1. Which movie was John Wayne making when he won an Oscar for 'True Grit'?
  2. Which musical includes the line 'Yes, I remember it well'?
  3. What was the first novel ever written on a typewriter?
  4. Which Oxford college did Margaret Thatcher attend?
  5. Which is the world's smallest flightless bird?
  6. Prior to Tony Blair, who was the last serving prime minister to have a child in Downing Street?
  7. What is the name of the tube station featured in Eastenders?
  8. Which British DJ wrote the theme tune to Big Brother?
  9. In which modern country is the ancient city of Bukhara?
  10. What is the shared surname of the children in Enid Blyton's Famous Five series?
  11. Ajaccio is the capital of which European territory?
  12. At which film festival does the best picture recieve the Golden Bear award?
  13. If feline is cat-like what is ranine?
  14. In music, how is Shawn Carter better known?
  15. Which country witnessed an 'orange revolution' between 2004 to 2005?


  1. Rio Lobo
  2. Gigi

  3. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  4. Sommerville
  5. Kiwi
  6. John Russell
  7. Walford East
  8. Paul Oakenfold
  9. Uzbekistan
  10. Kirrin
  11. Corsica
  12. Berlin
  13. Frog-like
  14. Jay-Z
  15. Ukraine
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