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'Quiz Ideas' Page

Several ideas to spice up your pub quizzes

The Music Round

  • A very popular pub quiz round, but does exclude some quizzers - not everyone is into music, so know your audience!
  • Can your quizzers work out the song from playing the first several seconds?
  • A lyrics quiz? Guess the song from a line or two of lyrics, or from the first line.
  • Traditional music trivia - there's lots of questions on our music page.

Picture Quiz

  • Another classic pub quiz round.
  • There are free rounds to print from this site, or why not design your own. (Note: coming available soon!)
  • Remember that many online images are copyrighted - so be aware of this.
  • Picture rounds are only limited by your imagination. Rounds could include black and white film stars, name the year from the picture, kings and queens, etc.
  • Tip: we edit our images using Adobe Photoshop and construct the quiz using Microsoft Word. We finally save this document in PDF format, ready to print.

Wipeout Round

  • A round of 10 questions where teams don't have to give an answer to each question.
  • It's okay to not answer a question and leave the answer blank.
  • Answer any question wrong and all the points for this round wiped out!
  • It's a fun round - do you take the risk or play it safe!?
  • There's variations to this round but personally I would not use more than 10 questions.

In the News Quiz

  • Questions on what happened in the week's news.
  • Use free newpaper websites that often give a review of the week's news.
  • Often a little unfair - some people are keen on the news, others are not and feel forced to watch it for their pub quiz.

Specialist Subject Quizzes

  • It's not just history, geography and music rounds you can have in your quiz.
  • Specialized rounds can be on numbers, colours, slogans, Disney Films and even DIY.
  • We have literally hundreds of rounds to choose from, including our Pub Quiz Ideas section.


Voices Quiz

  • Play a voice of someone famous to see if teams can guess who it is.
  • Use Youtube to save several voices to your laptop.

What country are we in?

  • State the geography, places and landmarks of a country, increasingly getting easier.
  • Teams try to answer what country they are in.
  • The quicker you get the answer correct, the more points.

Multiple Choice

  • Each question is given with an option of four or three answers, just choose the correct one.
  • You can ask harder question.
  • Every team has a chance of guessing a correct answer.

Odd One Out

  • Give the teams four different words or items and ask which is the odd one out.
  • Some may be fairly easy to spot, others much more challenging.
  • Get some ideas from our odd one out page.

Alpha or Letter Links

  • If 'answer one' begins with the letter ā€˜Dā€™ then 'answer two' will begin with the letter ā€˜Eā€™, and so on in alphabetical order.
  • Just like a normal trivia round, with an extra clue about the answer.