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Quiz Questions

  1. The large asteroid or comet impact that many believe led to the extinction of the dinosaurs happened near which modern day country?

  2. What name is given to the legendary phantom wild cat that has never been caught, but is associated with Cornwall?
  3. Which two countries have names beginning with the letter 'A' but not ending with the letter 'A'?
  4. How many pieces does each player have in backgammon?
  5. Who was leader of the Labour party before Tony Blair (discounting acting leader Margaret Beckett)?
  6. Which burger chain took its name from a Popeye cartoon character?
  7. Name the most populated landlocked country in the world?
  8. Which slogan, used during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of a non-violence ideology, was coined by the American beat poet Allen Ginsberg?
  9. Which ship, at birth in Greenwich, was damaged by fire in 2007?
  10. Who was English potter Josiah Wedgewood's most famous grandson?
  11. What is the traditional wood used in the making of an authentic Australian didgeridoo?
  12. In which American city would you find George Bush Intercontinental Airport?
  13. The fuppence was a silver coin worth four pence that was discontinued in 1856, what was its better known name?
  14. What is the connection between Sir Isaac Newton and a Flower of Kent?
  15. How many hit songs did Elvis Presley write?


  1. Mexico
  2. The Beast of Bodmin
  3. Azerbaijan, Afghanistan
  4. 15
  5. John Smith
  6. Wimpy
  7. Ethiopia
  8. Flower Power
  9. Cutty Sark
  10. Charles Darwin
  11. Eucalyptus (the trees are hollowed out by termites)
  12. Houston, Texas
  13. Groat
  14. The Flower of Kent is the variety of apple that Isaac Newton saw falling to the ground.
  15. None

Quiz Questions

  1. Which actress, married eight times to seven different husbands, had the nickname 'the Sweater Girl'?
  2. Patented in 1979, which fruit is a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry, and is named after a Scottish river?
  3. Which two countries fought the Football War in 1969?
  4. Who asks the quiz questions in the TV series 'Only Connect'?
  5. Which organization has the motto: 'Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity'?
  6. Which food brand name is a French term for a large covered earthenware or metal cooking pot?
  7. What was first known as the 'Pluto Platter'?
  8. What does the last 'A' in the acronym BAFTA stand for?
  9. Which 2016 film stars Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist and Emma Stone as an aspiring actress?
  10. What country did Arthur C. Clark emigrate to in 1956, largely to pursue his interest in scuba diving?
  11. Who shot John Lennon? And how old was John Lennon when he died?
  12. Which former Manchester United footballer is a presenter on the BBC daytime show Homes Under the Hammer?
  13. Where is Queen Maud Land?
  14. In which country of the UK are the bog snorkelling championships held?
  15. What word can be a practically unplayable delivery in cricket and also the oldest part of an ancient port city in Isreal??


  1. Lana Turner
  2. Tayberry
  3. El Salvador and Honduras
  4. Victoria Coren Mitchell
  5. The FBI
  6. Marmite
  7. The frisbee
  8. Arts (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
  9. La La Land
  10. Sri Lanka
  11. Mark Chapman. John Lenon was 40.
  12. Dion Dublin
  13. Antarctica
  14. Wales (in a village caled Llanwrtyd Wells)
  15. Jaffa

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