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Russia Quiz Questions

  1. Which colour is the top colour of the Russian tricolour flag?
  2. Who became General Secretary of the Communist Party after the 18-year rule of Leonid Brezhnev ended?
  3. Can you name Russia's largest island?

  4. Name the Russian mystic and holy man who had great influence in late imperial Russia?
  5. The Kate Bush song title 'Babooshka' is taken fron a Russian word, what does Babushka mean in English?
  6. In which year was the dissolution of the Soviet Union?
  7. Which Russian freshwater lake is the largest in the world?
  8. The name of which Russian newspaper translates as 'truth'?
  9. Which river is widely regarded as the national river of Russia? And can you name Russia's highest mountain?
  10. What name is given to a resident of Moscow?
  11. Which Russian stringed musical instrument has three strings and a characteristic triangular wooden, hollow body?
  12. Which Russian play centres around the visit of an elderly professor and his much younger glamorous second wife?
  13. Name the Russian exclave between Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea?
  14. Which mountain range runs from north to south through western Russia?
  15. In 1836, which composer composed the first known opera made in Russia, 'A Life for the Tsar'?


  1. White (the flag consists of three equal horizontal fields: top white, middle blue, and red on the bottom)
  2. Yuriy Andropov
  3. Sakhalin
  4. Rasputin
  5. Grandmother
  6. 1991
  7. Lake Baikal (contains more water than the North American Great Lakes combined)
  8. Pravda
  9. Volga. Mount Elbrus (which is the highest mountain in Europe).
  10. A Muscovite
  11. Balalaika (it features prominently in the score and the plot of the film Doctor Zhivago)
  12. Uncle Vanya (by Anton Checkhov)
  13. Kalingrad
  14. The Urals
  15. Mikhail Glinka

Did you know that the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway line in the world (5,772 miles). It has connected Moscow to Vladivostok since 1916.

Russia Quiz Questions

  1. Which Russian word describing an assembly with legislative functions means 'to think'?
  2. Which country declared independence from Russia on 6 December 1917?
  3. Which Russian prima ballerina was the principal artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries?
  4. What is the Central Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow normally known as?
  5. Who was the last Emperor of Russia?
  6. Which Russian word means 'fortress inside a city'?
  7. Can you name the first artificial Earth satellite launched into a low Earth orbit in October 1957?
  8. One of the largest museums in the world is in Saint Petersburg, what is it called?
  9. Which Russian tennis player won Wimbledon in 2004?
  10. Which city is the largest Russian port on the Pacific Ocean?
  11. Who became the tenth Prime Minister of Russia in 2012?
  12. Who led the Bolshevik party in the October Revolution? And what does the word Bolshevik mean?
  13. Which river flows through Saint Petersburg?
  14. In the former Soviet Union what was GUM?
  15. Who was the first Russian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  16. Which political movement for reformation within the Communist Party in the 1980s featured glasnost policy reform?


  1. Duma
  2. Finland
  3. Anna Pavlova
  4. Gorky Park
  5. Nicholas II

  6. Kremlin
  7. Sputnik 1
  8. The Hermitage
  9. Maria Sharapova
  10. Vladivostok
  11. Dmitry Medvedev
  12. Vladimir Lenin. The word Bolshevik means 'one of the majority'.
  13. The Neva
  14. The main state department stores in many cities
  15. Ivan Bunin
  16. Perestroika
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