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Sea Quiz Questions and Answers

Questions I

  1. The Gulf of Ob is the world's longest estuary; can you name the sea into which it flows?

  2. The Great Barrier Reef is located in which sea?
  3. The Aegean Sea is located between which two countries?
  4. Which South Pacific Sea is situated between Australia and New Zealand?
  5. Kinneret or Lake Tiberias is a body of water better known by what name?
  6. Which body of water separates the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula?
  7. The Russian port of Vladivostok stands on which sea?
  8. The River Danube empties into which sea?
  9. Which sea includes the Gulf of Bothnia?
  10. Name the largest sea in the world?
  11. The Sea of Marmara is an inland sea entirely within the borders of which country?
  12. Which city is the largest settlement on the Timor Sea?
  13. Which sea represents the south area of the Bay of Biscay?
  14. Which shipping forcast area is situated between Sole and Trafalgar?


  1. The Kara Sea

  2. The Coral Sea
  3. Greece and Turkey
  4. The Tasman Sea
  5. The Sea of Galilee
  6. The Adriatic Sea
  7. Sea of Japan
  8. The Black Sea
  9. The Baltic Sea
  10. The South China Sea
  11. Turkey
  12. Darwin, Australia
  13. Cantabrian
  14. FitzRoy

Sea Quiz II

  1. Can you name the smallest and shallowest of the five Oceans?
  2. Can you name the largest port on the Tyrrhenian Sea?
  3. The Cayman Trough is the deepest point in which sea?
  4. The Gulf of Aden connects which two seas?
  5. Which former Olympic host city is located on the Black Sea coast?
  6. Which channel of water separates Madagascar from mainland Africa?
  7. The city of Mecca is approximately 50 miles inland from which sea?
  8. Which marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean is located north of the Northwest Territories, Alaska, and the Yukon?
  9. Which is the only sea in the world not to have a land boundary and is bounded by four currents?
  10. Which sea channel connects the Irish Sea to the north with the Celtic Sea to the southwest?
  11. Which gulf is the northernmost part of the Ligurian Sea?
  12. Which sea, that takes its current name from a Dutch navigator, was known by Russians in the Middle Ages as the 'Norwegian Sea'?
  13. Which sea has the world's second biggest barrier reef, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef?
  14. Which straight provides the only sea route from the Persian Gulf to the open seas?


  1. The Arctic Ocean
  2. Naples
  3. The Caribbean
  4. The Arabian Sea to the Red Sea
  5. Sochi (hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Games)
  6. The Mozambique Channel
  7. The Red Sea
  8. The Beaufort Sea
  9. The Sargasso Sea
  10. St George's Channel
  11. Gulf of Genoa
  12. The Barents Sea
  13. The Caribbean Sea
  14. Strait of Hormuz
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