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Fish Quiz Questions I

  1. Name the only British Isles freshwater fish that can swim backwards?

  2. Which fish, popular in Japanese cuisine where it's called Fugu, can be lethally poisonous if not prepared properly?
  3. Which common food fish has four species called European, Alaskan, American, Alaskan, and scale-eyed?
  4. Which fish has the most taste buds of any animal with 180,000 taste buds on the outside of its body?
  5. What does the UK's Sea Fish Industry Authority classify as young pilchards?
  6. Which fish (which can reach speeds up to 68mph) is the fastest fish in the world?
  7. Which fish spends most of its time out of water and can 'walk' on its fins?
  8. What do we commonly call fish that provide a service to other fish by removing dead skin and parasites?
  9. The name of which fish comes from the Old French word for 'spinning top'?
  10. In 2009, Sainsbury's briefly renamed which fish 'colin' in a bid to boost sales as an alternative to cod?
  11. Growing to the size of 60 feet, which fish is the biggest in the world?
  12. What are baby salmon called when emerging from their eggs?
  13. Which fish, also called a St Pierre or Peter's Fish, is known for an eye spot on the side of its body?
  14. Which dangerous fish can be found burried under the sand in British coastal waters with just its venomous dorsal fin showing?
  15. The European eel always migrates to which sea to spawn?


  1. The eel

  2. Pufferfish or blowfish (contains a poison which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide)
  3. Plaice
  4. Catfish
  5. Sardines
  6. Sailfish
  7. Mudskipper
  8. Cleaner fish
  9. Turbot
  10. Pollock
  11. Giant whale shark
  12. Fry
  13. John Dory
  14. Weever fish
  15. Sargasso Sea

Fish Quiz II

  1. Which highly regarded food fish is the largest of all flat fish?
  2. Synanceia, found in the Indo-Pacific, is a poisonous fish that can cause paralysis and even death; by what name is it better known??
  3. Which word starting with the letter 'c' means a fish's tail fin?
  4. The Turbot War was an international fishing dispute between Spain and which country? And who did Britain have a dispute with in the 'Cod Wars'?
  5. The most expensive and rare caviar comes from which fish? And in which body of water is this fish found?
  6. Name the saltwater fish which is the only species that can maintain a body temperature higher than that of the surrounding water?
  7. Which type of fin can sometimes be seen to break the water with the shark?
  8. Which very popular 'tropical tank' fish is also known as the millionfish and rainbow fish?
  9. What does the word 'koi' mean in Japanese?
  10. Which common fish found in still waters in the British Isles is sometimes known as the 'doctor fish'?
  11. Which shark is the second largest shark in the world after the 'whale shark'?
  12. Which type of trout has many regional names including finnock (Scotland), mort (North West England), and white trout (Ireland)?
  13. Xiphias gladius is the scientific name for which fish?
  14. Which fish is known as the 'poor man's lobster'?
  15. Which primitive fish made the newspaper headline: 'Giant blood sucker found in River Wear'?


  1. Halibut

  2. Stonefish
  3. Caudal Fin
  4. Canada. Iceland (cod wars).
  5. Beluga sturgeon. Found in the Caspian Sea.
  6. Tuna (however, the mackerel shark is also correct)
  7. Dorsal fin
  8. The guppy
  9. Carp
  10. Tench
  11. Basking shark
  12. Sea trout
  13. Swordfish
  14. Monkfish
  15. Lamprey

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