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General Knowledge Questions and Answers


  1. Which English doctor's discovery is said to have 'saved more lives than were lost in all the wars of mankind since the beginning of recorded history?
  2. Name the only country that is a member of both OPEC and the Commonwealth?
  3. In which modern day country are the ruins of Carthage?

  4. Two modern thinkers were born on the same day in February 1809, one appeared on U.S. bank notes and the other on British bank notes, name both?
  5. What country's name comes form the Indian word for 'village' or 'settlement'?
  6. Which former footballer is married to actress Leslie Ash?
  7. At the ends of what everyday items would you find 'aglets'?
  8. What connects singer Annie Lennox, actress Sissy Spacek and Humphrey Bogart?
  9. The word 'assassination' was invented by who?
  10. In First Aid, what does the 'C' stand for in 'ABC', the abbreviation for the first three vital checks to carry out in a patient?
  11. Who was married to actress Sheila Sim from 1945 until his death?
  12. Adults have a full set of 32 teeth, but how many teeth do very young children have?
  13. In 23 BC, which city did Alexander the Great die in?
  14. What is the largest known animal ever to have existed?


  1. Edward Jenner (smallpox vaccine)
  2. Nigeria
  3. Tunisia
  4. Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin
  5. Canada (from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata)
  6. Lee Chapman
  7. Shoe laces or drawstrings (small plastic sheaths used on each end of a shoelace, cord, or drawstring)
  8. All born on Christmas Day
  9. William Shakespeare
  10. Circulation
  11. Richard Attenborough
  12. 20
  13. Babylon
  14. Blue whale

General Knowledge II

  1. Which famous film director has a son called Satchel?
  2. What flower is sometimes known as a gilliflower?
  3. Which sea is the least salty in the world?
  4. Who wrote the oratorio 'Ecce Cor Meum'?
  5. In betting slang, what odds does a Carpet refer to?
  6. Apiphobia is a fear of what?
  7. Prior to Tony Blair, who was the last serving prime minister to have a child in Downing Street?
  8. Which British DJ wrote the theme tune to Big Brother?
  9. In which modern country is the ancient city of Bukhara?
  10. What is the shared surname of the children in Enid Blyton's Famous Five series?
  11. Ajaccio is the capital of which European territory?
  12. At which film festival does the best picture receive the Golden Bear award?
  13. In music, how is Shawn Carter better known?
  14. Which country witnessed an 'orange revolution' between 2004 to 2005?


  1. Woody Allen
  2. Carnation

  3. Baltic
  4. Paul McCartney
  5. Three to one (3/1)
  6. Bees
  7. John Russell
  8. Paul Oakenfold
  9. Uzbekistan
  10. Kirrin
  11. Corsica
  12. Berlin
  13. Jay-Z
  14. Ukraine
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