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Quiz I

  1. Which university competes against Oxford in the University Boat Race?
  2. What colour are the cliffs facing France at the town of Dover?

  3. How many rings make up the symbol of the Olympic Games?
  4. Egypt is in which large continent?
  5. Name the world famous tennis tournament that takes place in England each Summer?
  6. George Washington was the first leader of which country?
  7. Two British coins have seven sides, can you name them?
  8. How many sides does a hexagon have?
  9. What sort of mythical animal is on the flag of Wales?
  10. Which country in the world has most people living in it?
  11. Alaska belongs to which country?
  12. In which city could you walk across Tower Bridge?
  13. Which sport takes place in a velodrome?
  14. What sort of animals are known for building dams and live in lodges?

  15. Which country is just north of England?


  1. Cambridge
  2. White
  3. 5
  4. Africa
  5. Wimbledon
  6. He was the first President of America (or the USA)
  7. 50 pence and 20 pence coins
  8. Six
  9. Dragon
  10. China
  11. United States of America
  12. London
  13. Cycling
  14. Beavers
  15. Scotland

Quiz II

  1. Which famous Victorian lady was the founder of modern nursing?
  2. Who was the Prime Minister of the UK during most of the Second World War?
  3. What is the distance around a circle called?
  4. What is the name of the boy that visits the chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka?
  5. What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?
  6. Which country is home to the kangaroo?
  7. And which country is home to the Giant Panda?
  8. Which country shares the same peninsula with Spain?
  9. Where in Scotland is there supposedly a lake monster called Nessie?
  10. What is the name of the policeman in the pre-school childrens' television series Balamory?
  11. Which fictional detective lived at 221b Baker Street?
  12. What food do Giant Pandas normally eat?
  13. Which country sent an Armada to attack Britain in 1588?
  14. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint of which country?
  15. Which country shares a border wth Portugal?


  1. Florence Nightingale
  2. Sir Winston Churchill
  3. Circumference
  4. Charlie Bucket
  5. Tinkerbell
  6. Australia
  7. China
  8. Portugal
  9. Loch Ness
  10. PC Plum
  11. Sherlock Holmes
  12. Bamboo
  13. Spain
  14. Ireland
  15. Spain

Quiz III

  1. How many legs does a spider have?
  2. What is a brontosaurus?
  3. Which language did the Romans speak?
  4. Po Ping, an accident-prone but energetic giant panda is the star of which film?
  5. What sort of material does a blacksmith work with?
  6. The film Billy Elliot is about a miner’s son that wishes to become what?
  7. Dublin is the capital city of which country?
  8. What were Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali famous for?
  9. Which people built Hadrian's Wall?
  10. How many grams are there in a kilogram?
  11. Which country shares the Niagara Falls with the United States of America?
  12. Who is married to the Duke of Edinburgh?
  13. What sort of animal stars in the film Happy Feet?
  14. How many eggs are in a dozen?
  15. Where did the little boy live in the children's nursery rhyme 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'?
  16. What type of creatures are Great Whites and Hammerheads?

  17. kids quiz image of a shark

  18. Edam, Cheddar and Wenslydale are what types of food?
  19. What shape best describes eggs and rugby balls?
  20. Bees feed on 'pollen' and what other liquid produced by plants?
  21. What was lost by Cinderella?


  1. Eight
  2. A dinosaur
  3. Latin
  4. Kung Fu Panda
  5. Metal (or iron)
  6. A ballet dancer
  7. Ireland
  8. Painting - they are famous artists
  9. Romans
  10. 1000 (one thousand)
  11. Canada

  12. The Queen
  13. A penguin
  14. 12
  15. Down the lane
  16. Sharks
  17. Cheese
  18. Oval
  19. Nectar
  20. Her glass slipper
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