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Famous People Questions

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Famous People - Questions and Answers


  1. Which celebrity chef once spent two years in prison for burgling 1980s singer Paul Young’s home?
  2. Which former husband of actresses Lana Turner and Ava Gardner was also regarded as 'one of jazz's finest clarinetists'?
  3. Name the 1996 late-night ITV quiz show that Graham Norton used to co-host with Maria McErlane?
  4. Which Bristol born politician and social reformer is best remembered for devising a means to ensure that ships were never overloaded?
  5. Who is often called 'the Vietnamese George Washington' by the Vietnamese?
  6. Which former sportsman has the middle name Winston and married Danielle Maria Bux in 2009?
  7. Which famous US gay rights activist was murdered in San Fransisco in 1978?
  8. What was the name of the 2007 reality TV series that Kim Kardashian and her familly started appearing in?
  9. Who was English potter Josiah Wedgewood's most famous grandson?
  10. Who is famous for the catch-phrase, 'Not a lot of people know that'?
  11. Who wrote the book No Exit, which contains the famous line 'hell is other people'?
  12. Which famous actor was best man at the wedding of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis?
  13. Who presented Brainiac: Science Abuse from 2003 to 2006, and Total Wipeout until 2012?
  14. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954, and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962?
  15. Melania Trump was born in which modern day country?
  16. Former President George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946; which Hollywood A-lister was born on the same day?


  1. Gino D’Acampo (convicted in 1998)
  2. Artie Shaw
  3. Carnal Knowledge
  4. Samuel Plimsoll
  5. Ho Chi-minh
  6. Gary Lineker
  7. Harvey Milk
  8. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  9. Charles Darwin
  10. Michael Caine
  11. Jean Paul Sartre
  12. William Holden
  13. Richard Hammond
  14. Linus Pauling
  15. Slovenia
  16. Sylvester Stallone

Quiz Questions

  1. Which country was the birth place of Che Guevara?
  2. Who is the actress mother of Melanie Griffith?
  3. What is the first name of Kentucky Fried's Colonel Sanders?
  4. Who is Shirley MacLaine's famous actor brother?
  5. Name the actress daughter of Phyllida Law?
  6. How are the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm better known?
  7. In 1985, who married Swedish singer Peter Holm in Las Vegas, and divorced him two years later?
  8. Scottish singer-songwriter Derek Dick is better known by which nickname?
  9. In 2006, which athlete married the son of comedian Tom O'Connor?
  10. British actress Audrey Hepburn was born in which European capital city in 1929?
  11. Conservative politician Amber Rudd married which writer in 1990?
  12. Who is Percy Gibson married to?
  13. Who is Michael Joseph Pennington better known as?
  14. Which actress played Emma Kavanagh in three episodes of The Royle Family?
  15. Name the Professor of Classics who is author of the blog, 'A Don's Life' and classics editor of The Times Literary Supplement?


  1. Argentina
  2. Tippie Hedren
  3. Harland
  4. Warren Beatty
  5. Emma Thompson
  6. Brothers Grimm
  7. Joan Collins
  8. Fish (lead singer of Marillon from 1981 to 1988)
  9. Denise Lewis
  10. Brussels
  11. A. A. Gill (they separated in 1995)
  12. Joan Collins
  13. Johnny Vegas
  14. Sheridan Smith
  15. Mary Beard

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