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How much do you know about the British BBC soap opera Eastenders (1985 - present)?

Eastenders Quiz I

  1. Pam and Les Coker have retired to which seaside town?
  2. What was the name of Walford's original GP?
  3. As of 2017, how many times has Phil Mitchell been married?

  4. The set of Albert Square was built on the same plot of land used for which comedy-drama that aired the year before the launch of EastEnders?
  5. Can you name the youngest son of Linda and Mick Carter? And what's the name of Vincent and Kim's baby?
  6. Which Eastender's character is the only one in British soap history to have an entire episode to themselves?
  7. In 2007, who accidentally shot Jane in the stomach resulting in her being unable to have children?
  8. Michelle Fowler was living in which American state before her return to Eastenders? And what's the name of her estranged American husband?
  9. What colour dressing gown does Mick Carter normally wear?
  10. Phil Mitchell went to which country to recover from his transplant?
  11. Name the actor who plays Max Branning?
  12. Name the bit part 'hat-wearing, mod-haired market trader'? And which other extra character, played by Ulric Browne, is often seen in the pub or market?


  1. Worthing

  2. Dr. Legg
  3. Four (to Nadia, Kathy, Kate and Sharon)
  4. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.
  5. Ollie. Pearl.
  6. Dot Cotton
  7. Steven
  8. Florida. Tim.
  9. Pink
  10. Italy
  11. Jake Wood
  12. Shrimpy. Winston.

Eastenders Quiz II

  1. What was the nickname of the early Eastenders character George Holloway?
  2. Who died on Christmas Day 2006 under a Christmas tree after suffering a brain haemorrhage?
  3. Which actor played Stan Carter, who first appeared in the soap in 2014?
  4. Karl Howman, who plays Buster, is best known for playing Jacko in which 1980s BBC TV sitcom?
  5. What is the postal district of Walford?
  6. Who is the famous real life uncle of actress Rita Simons who played Roxy Mitchell?
  7. What is the first name of the character played by Paul Nicholas, who was the husband of Kathy Beale?
  8. 'Fat...' who, was the unseen character that used to supply a lot of dodgy goods?
  9. Name the EastEnders spin-off series, in which Kath and Alfie live in Ireland?
  10. What was the name of Ian Beale's grandmother? And as of 2017, how many times has Ian been married?
  11. In 1995, which pop star was seen in the background of one scene using the Queen Vic's payphone?
  12. Can you name the biggest musical hits of the following stars: (a) Nick Berry, (b) Anita Dobson, (c) Martine McCutcheon, and (d) Michele Gayle?


  1. Lofty
  2. Pauline Fowler
  3. Timothy West
  4. Brush Strokes
  5. E20
  6. Lord Alan Sugar
  7. Gavin
  8. Fat Elvis
  9. Redwater
  10. Lou
  11. Robbie Williams
  12. (a) Every Loser Wins (No 1 in 1986),(b) Anyone can fall in love (No 4 in 1986),(c) Perfect Moment (No 1 in 1999), and (d) Sweetness (Number 4, September 1994)

Eastenders Quiz III

  1. Can you name the following pets: (a)Robbie Jackson’s dog in his teenager days, (b)Den and Angie's dog, (c)Mick Carter's family pooch, and (d)Dot Cotton's recent cat?
  2. Who killed Lucy Beale?
  3. When Dirty Den came back from the dead, he surprises Sharon with which two opening words?
  4. Who did Dot Cotton help to end her life with a morphine overdose?
  5. Name the actress who plays Linda Carter?
  6. Which character is played by Bonnie Langford?
  7. On which bank holiday was Lucy Beale killed?
  8. Which actor played Joe Macer, the second husband of Pauline Fowler?
  9. In which country was Grant Mitchell living prior to returning for Peggy's death?
  10. Who did Ben Mitchell kill during an argument at her flat?
  11. Who killed pub landlord Eddie Royle in 1991?
  12. In 2006, which actress decided to leave EastEnders after nearly 22 years?
  13. Who was driving the car that Tiffany fataly run straight into in 1998?
  14. Which Eastenders' actress released an autobiography, All of Me, in 2007?
  15. Who shot Phil Mitchell in 2001?


  1. (a)Wellard, (b)Roly, (c)Lady Di, and (d)Dave
  2. Her younger brother, Bobby Beale
  3. Hello Princess
  4. Ethel Skinner
  5. Kellie Bright
  6. Carmel Kazemi
  7. Good Friday
  8. Ray Brooks
  9. Portugal
  10. Heather Trott
  11. Nick Cotton
  12. Wendy Richard
  13. Frank Butcher
  14. Patsy Palmer
  15. Lisa Fowler

Down the 'Vic' for round IV

  1. What was the name of the first wife of Mark Fowler?
  2. In October 1996, who leaves Walford with her sons Steven and Peter to live in Italy?
  3. Name the quiet barmaid who had been working in the Queen Vic for years before her sacking in 2017?
  4. Which actress played Grant and Phil's mother, Peggy Mitchell?
  5. Which character carried the Olympic flame around Walford?
  6. Who dies falling off the roof of the Queen Vic in the 25th anniversary live episode in 2010?
  7. In which year was Eastenders first broadcast?
  8. Nineteen million viewers tuned in on Boxing Day 1991 to witness which two characters' wedding?
  9. What was the name of the wine bar owned by James Willmott-Brown?
  10. Who played the character 'Steve Owen' in the late nineties?
  11. Which actress played businesswoman Vanessa Gold?
  12. What is the name of Phil Mitchell's sister?
  13. What is the name of Kat Moon's father?
  14. What did Den famously hand over to Angie in the 1986 Christmas Day episode?
  15. Shaun Williamson was frequently referred to as 'Barry from EastEnders' in which television series?


  1. Gill
  2. Cindy Beale

  3. Tracey
  4. Barbara Windsor
  5. Billy Mitchell
  6. Bradley Branning
  7. 1985
  8. Grant and Sharon
  9. The Dagmar
  10. Martin Kemp
  11. Zoe Lucker
  12. Sam
  13. Charlie
  14. Divorce papers
  15. Extras

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