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Simple Quiz Questions

  1. Which traditional Scottish dish is the stuffed stomach of a sheep?
  2. What's the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?

  3. Which city is located on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary?
  4. New York's Statue of Liberty was a gift from which country?
  5. What are stratus and cumulus types of?
  6. What is a violin sometimes informally called, especially in Irish traditional music?
  7. What type of energy is harnessed from the sun?
  8. Which scientist developed the theory of relativity?
  9. Starting with the letter 'i', what name is given to an oblong block of gold, silver, or other metal?
  10. What is the scientific study of plants?
  11. What can be isosceles and scalene?
  12. What name is given to a baby whale?
  13. What is a 'sheepshank' and 'the rolling hitch'?
  14. Name the site of Captain Cook's first landing of HMS Endeavour on Australia?
  15. If dogs are canine what are cats?


  1. Haggis
  2. Tinkerbell

  3. Liverpool
  4. France
  5. Clouds
  6. Fiddle
  7. Solar
  8. Albert Einstein
  9. Ingot
  10. Botany
  11. Triangles
  12. Calf
  13. Types of knot
  14. Botany Bay
  15. Feline

Simple Quiz Questions

  1. Name the longest river in Africa?
  2. What was the Tin Man looking for in The Wizard of Oz?
  3. Which metallic element is liquid at room temperature?
  4. How many countries make up the United Kingdom?
  5. Laver bread is a traditional food in which country?
  6. What is the traditional English name for the flag flown to identify a pirate ship about to attack?
  7. In the British police force what does 'CID' stand for?
  8. Twenty four what is pure gold?
  9. Where are the 'dreamiing spires'?
  10. Whats the official language of Brazil?
  11. In which country is Alice Springs?
  12. What sort of coat is a simple heraldic symbol?
  13. Which American naval base was attacked by Japan in 1941?
  14. Which zodiac star sign is associated with the twins?
  15. 'Knell' is the solemn sound of which objects?


  1. Nile
  2. A heart

  3. Mercury
  4. Four
  5. Wales
  6. Jolly Roger
  7. Criminal Investigation Department
  8. Carats
  9. Oxford
  10. Portuguese
  11. Australia
  12. Coat of Arms
  13. Pearl Harbour
  14. Gemini
  15. Bells
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