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Good Trivia Questions and Answers

Questions I

  1. In which American state would you find the cities of Topeka and Wichita?

  2. Which county is the birthplace of Thomas Hardy, who used it as the principal setting of his many novels?
  3. Which Asian country became the leading exporter of uranium in 2010?
  4. Which creature features in the 1991 art work by Damien Hurst titled The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living?
  5. Which industrial Welsh coastal town was named after the patrons of Margam Abbey who were also relatives of a pioneering photographer?
  6. Charles Ingram made headlines by cheating on which trivia quiz gameshow in 2001?
  7. In which sport would you perform a 'randolph'?
  8. Where is the only place in the world you can find the lizard-like tautara?
  9. In which country was the world’s first female Prime Minister elected in 1960?
  10. Lee Marvin won the best actor Oscar for what 1965 film?
  11. What was the forename of Mrs Beeton, of household management fame?
  12. What is France's equivalent of Britannia?


  1. Kansas
  2. Dorset
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. A shark
  5. Port Talbot
  6. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  7. Trampolining
  8. New Zealand
  9. Sri Lanka
  10. Cat Ballou
  11. Isabella
  12. Marianne

Questions II

  1. If feline is cat-like what is ranine?
  2. What is the first name of the film director daughter of Francis Ford Coppola - she directed the film Lost in Translation?
  3. Which club was notoriously associated with Sir Francis Dashwood in the 1750s?
  4. What does a gricer photograph?
  5. Who was the first actor to appear on Time magazine?
  6. Which cartoonist created The Simpsons?
  7. The Laing Art Gallery is in which British city?
  8. Which supermarket chain began life as a 1946 grocery store in the German city of Essen?
  9. The Latin motto Auxilio Divino, which means by Divine Aid, is the motto of Sir Francis Drake, but is also the motto of which English county?
  10. In which country is the bridge over the river Kwai?
  11. Which word can you put after friend, lord and war to make another word?
  12. In which twentieth-century decade did the composers Holst, Delius and Elgar all die?
  13. A stock market crash in 1883 provoked whom to give up stock broking and paint full-time?
  14. Name the only Channel Island to have a working railway?


  1. Froglike
  2. Sofia (Coppola)
  3. The Hellfire Club
  4. Trains
  5. Charlie Chaplin
  6. Matt Groening
  7. Newcastle
  8. Aldi
  9. Devon
  10. Thailand
  11. Ship
  12. 1930s
  13. Paul Gauguin
  14. Alderney

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