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Quiz Questions I

  1. Which sea creature is used as the logo for Waterford Crystal?
  2. Which car company's logo features the bow of a Viking ship?
  3. What type of sport's balls is Gilbert associated with?
  4. Which brand of soap is the Latin word for 'light'?
  5. What symbol is common to both the Budweiser and Rolex logos?

  6. The three ellipses seen in the logo for which company represent three hearts: the heart of the customer, the heart of the product, and the heart of progress in the field of technology?
  7. What brand name may be mistaken for a South African Antelope?
  8. Which two organisation or company logos are incorporated into the below image?

  9. logo question
    Question 8 - two logo questions?

  10. Which brand of kitchen roll, has seen two men dressed up as women in its television adverts?
  11. The name of which upmarket department store is used to mean 'pickles' in Cockney rhyming slang?
  12. The four colours in Microsoft's square logo represents its four major products, which of these colours represents Xbox?
  13. The following items have all been rebranded. We list their new names and the year they were rebranded, can you give their former names: (a) Cif in 2000, (b) Snickers in 2000, (c) Nissan in 1983, (d) Starburst in 1998, and (e) Olay in 1999?


  1. Seahorse
  2. Rover
  3. Rugby balls
  4. Lux
  5. A crown
  6. Toyota
  7. Reebok (Rhebok is an antelope)
  8. Oxfam and Vodafone
  9. Bounty
  10. Harvey Nichols
  11. Green - As in Windows (blue), Office (red), Xbox (green) and Bing (yellow)
  12. 10) (a) Jif, (b) Marathon, (c) Datsun, (d) Opal Fruits, and (e) Oil of Ulay

Quiz II

  1. In the Paper Mate pen logo, what two small objects are placed between the words 'Paper' and 'Mate'?
  2. Launched in Munich on 2 September 2003, what is the English translation of 'Ich liebe es'?
  3. What animal is represented in the logo of American commercial broadcast television network NBC?
  4. Part of which company's logo is blue and white, representing a propeller in motion with the sky peeking through?
  5. In 2006, who had his wrinkles removed and his suit replaced with an apron?
  6. What are the two colours in a Domino's Pizza logo?
  7. Which chocolate's logo contains an image of a bear hidden in the Matterhorn mountain?
  8. What colour is the letter 'l' in the Google logo?
  9. The arrow under the Amazon logo points from the letter 'A' to which other letter in the name Amazon?
  10. Which company has used its red triangle logo since 1876, with it's logo becoming the first registered trademark ever issued by the British government?
  11. In 1896, which company introduced its 'Rock of Gibraltar' logo shortly after it was founded?
  12. 'Looking after your world' is a slogan often seen under the logo of which company?


  1. Two small hearts
  2. I'm Lovin' it (the McDonald's logo)
  3. A peacock
  4. BMW
  5. Colonel Sanders (in the KFC logo)
  6. Blue and red
  7. Toblerone
  8. Green
  9. Z (highlighting that Amazon provides a number of items for sale, from A to Z)
  10. Bass Ale
  11. Prudential
  12. British Gas